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Scriptly Rx

Scriptly Rx is a prescription discount service that allows users to digitally access prescription discounts through web and mobile app solutions. It was invented to alleviate the headache of finding the best prices for your medication – with or without health insurance.

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Why build it

The creators of Scriptly Rx came to us in search of a software developer to partner with to achieve their goal of helping people save money on their prescription medications. In addition to providing a benevolent service to the community, Scriptly Rx creators wanted to build an app that personifies their adage of “giving back” – which directly aligns with our team’s values.

To do this, Scriptly Rx decided to make use of their prescription app 100% free. Additionally, every time a user uses Scriptly Rx to save money on their prescriptions, a donation is made to Feeding America.

"Scriptly Rx’s 2019 mission is simple and can be summed up in two goals: ​To help 300,000 people save on their prescription medications To donate 1,000,000 meals to Feeding America."

Prescriptions without worry

Scriptly Rx offers a prescription discount program that is 100% free. By providing three different ways for users to save on their prescription. Users can save using the free discount savings card, website search and now, mobile app.

It was important to the creators of Scriptly Rx to provide this service to users whom may be in between jobs and/or do not have access to health insurance. With a quick, no sign-in necessary login – Scriptly Rx is the fastest and most convenient way to order your Rx prescriptions.

How it works

Start by simply typing in the name of your medication into the search bar. The Good Neighbor Rx app works on your mobile phone or tablet to search over 65,000 pharmacies nationwide.

Scriptly Rx shops for the best prices in your area. Simply choose the pharmacy with the best price or the pharmacy that's closest to you.