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Don’t let business licensing challenges halt your opportunities.


Eliminate Compliance Barriers

Business licensing is complex -- Don’t let business licensing challenges halt your opportunities.

Without the appropriate licenses, your business can face fines, closures, delays, and extreme penalties. Don’t let business licensing challenges stand in your way.

You need a partner that understands all stages of business compliance. From fast-growth startups to established, national brands, we work with businesses of all sizes to minimize time and resources spent on licensing.

As a LaPraim client, you’ll gain access to our in-house business compliance team to handle initial registration, renewals and special projects.

Business Licensing

Individual or firm, initial or renewal, single state or multistate, we can help you get licensed and stay compliant no matter what industry you’re in.

Formation Services

Whether you’re an entrepreneur forming a business for the first time or a holding company creating new entities with each transaction, you can rely on our expertise to complete the process promptly.

In today’s fast-paced, highly competitive marketplace, minimizing the time it takes for your product to reach the market is of foremost importance for gaining competitive advantage over your competitors.

Our crew of in-house app developers balance and support the LaPraim methodology – to create the unimaginable, and provide the highest quality development available.

We blend original-thinking with rapid prototyping to bring your best ideas to life quickly and cost effectively. Keeping user experience top of mind and continuously honing our design-thinking methodologies, we create mind-blowing voice and chat applications that drive growth for your business.

Now Introducing

"Alexa, what's the latest update on my project?"

Still waiting on a status update from your marketing agency? Not our clients. We've integrated Alexa™ with our project management system letting our clients know the current status of their projects.

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