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Mobile Application Development

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In this multi-screen world, establishing an effective presence online is imperative. Mobile apps are considered to be one of the most powerful tools for connecting with your target audience in terms of business.

Our developers have extensive experience in a wide array of programming languages. Beyond being great programmers, they are excellent consultants and draw from diverse backgrounds to deliver robust and maintainable mobile apps.

Which App Is Right For You?

Developing a mobile app involves elaborate planning. At LaPraim, our developers use a multi-step process to unite all components to form a harmonious product.

Starting with your idea we begin planning, app design, app development, testing, and finally, launch of the app to the intended mobile device or devices.

In this always-changing world of software development, applications are in continuous development. Now there are 3 different types of apps to choose from.

The Gold Standard

Native Apps

Native apps are iOS and Android apps downloaded from app stores directly to a user’s mobile device. These apps come with their own icon and become a part of your phone, tablet, and your life.

The Future of Mobile Browsing

Progressive Web Apps

As innovative as it sounds, progressive web apps (PWAs) are the future of both the web and apps. It fuses the best of both worlds and gives you the ultimate experience of an app on the web.

Best of Both Worlds

Hybrid Apps

Hybrid apps combine the best of native apps and PWAs. They rely on HTML being rendered in a browser embedded within the app, but, like native apps, they have to be downloaded in an app store.

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