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Case Study

A Leap Forward in Mobile Design for OneUp Lighting

In an effort to enhance OneUp Lighting's flagship lighting mobile application, LaPraim undertook a comprehensive redesign of its enterprise mobile app. The revamped native mobile application now boasts a more sophisticated and elegant design.

Lighting The Future

LaPraim develops a more user-driven native mobile application for OneUp Lighting

In fact, the revamped version sets a new bar for the supplied products of OneUpLighting. From mobile application design to mobile application testing, LaPraim went through a detailed drive to make the app successful for OneUp Lighting. The new app will improve the supply quality and popularity of lighting products of OneUp Lighting.

Problem Statement

Moving from the Redundant and Complicated UI and UX

In the previous mobile application, the UI and UX had become too conventional and complicated for mobile users. The objective of the LaPraim was to improve the user experience and cut out certain redundancies.

The Solution

Heightened Usability and Functionality to Achieve Flawless UX

As an experienced mobile application development company, LaPraim decided to pay close attention to each aspect of the new app. LaPraim managed to redesign the previous application from the scratch. LaPraim changed the UI and UX of the application to make it look more minimalist and modern.

The usability and functionality of the mobile application was the key for LaPraim and the new user experience is significantly better than the previous one.

The Results

Intelligent, Flexible, and Multi-Functional Equals Perfect UI and UX

The newly redesigned RED LAMP mobile application couldn’t be more ideal for users. It is more intelligent and flexible to navigate. Mobile users can now use the LED control features via their Bluetooth devices much better.

Plus, the new custom mobile app makes it easier for mobile users to opt for multi-function back-and-forth switching. Whether it’s an enterprise-grade or low-key mobile application, LaPraim exercises the same degree of professionalism and attention to detail to offer impeccable mobile app design services.

Whether it’s underglow, rockglow, or engine bay, the redesigned mobile app sheds new light on the supplied products of OneUp Lighting. In retrospect, the new native mobile application heightens the product quality and user experience.

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