Case Study

Westbrook Energy Group

In a new turn of events, LaPraim decided to offer its expertise to Federal Flange and Westbrook Manufacturing Energy Group for complete digital transformation. The objective of the project was to help Westbrook Energy Group optimize its product offering in the digital realm. The main objective of LaPraim was to build sophisticated and modern websites for Federal Flange and Westbrook Manufacturing.


Westbrook Energy Group, the Leader in American-Made Manufacturing

Federal Flange focuses on superior and efficient operational performance in deepwater connectors with standard specifications. Flange helps clients connect with components like power generation, downstream gas and oil manufacturing.

Westbrook Energy Group is an integrated domestic-based leading manufacturer of flanges and pipe fittings. From oilfield products to swags and bull plugs to pipe nipples to API flanges to special fittings, LaPraim took a closer look at each of its products and how it may come across to clients in the digital landscape.

Problem Statement

Increase Productivity Through a Digital Transformation

With hopes to improve its responsiveness to clients, Flange and Westbrook Manufacturing wanted to ensure flawless operational performance. In the digital age, Flange and Westbrook Manufacturing didn’t want to get left behind. In the quest to revitalize online presence, both subsidiaries of Westbrook Energy Group were in dire need of website design and development.

The Solution

Westbrook Manufacturing and Federal Flange are Ready For The Digital Age

Fundamentally, LaPraim build functional and licensed new websites for Flange and Westbrook Manufacturing. What’s more is that the new sites come with a customizable enterprise-based CRM solution. It would allow Flange and Westbrook Manufacturing to manage extensive client data and keep an eye on leads in real-time.

The enterprise-level integrated CRM solution offers a wide range of features and capabilities. For instance, Flange and Westbrook Manufacturing can now analyze website data analytics, schedule product orders, and update the status of orders.

In addition, both subsidiaries of Westbrook Energy Group can now receive, download, upload, and unlimited files for clients. Flange and Westbrook Manufacturing can also monitor client data and metrics in a centralized space. They can also utilize the discussion box to communicate with developers and account managers and get instant responses.

Digital Transformation

Westbrook Energy Group Value Impact KPI's

Website Impression Metric

+220% Impressionsin daily impression average (Federal Flange) from pre 12 month avg (239.5) to post 3 month avg (766.5)

Source: Google Analytics

The Results

The new digital journey, the better way.

LaPraim understood right from the start that the digital transformation for Flange and Westbrook Manufacturing will be a continuous effort.

But Flange and Westbrook Manufacturing can count on increased transparency, high revenue growth, improved client experience, added flexibility, more competitive advantage, and robust operational model with LaPraim’s digital transformation initiatives.

LaPraim helped Westbrook Energy Group adopt a holistic and comprehensive CRM solution that will improve their digital journey for years to come.

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