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Case Study

Transforming Digital Presence for Birch Plastics

Founded in 2001, Birch Plastics has solidified its reputation as an influential player in the plastics industry, annually managing over 25 million pounds of virgin and recycled resins for various applications. With their physical operations scaling up, the company recognized the necessity to enhance their digital presence. LaPraim was therefore entrusted with the mission to create a website that not only mirrors Birch Plastics' industry prominence but also functions as an effective platform for organic lead generation, aligning their online growth with their offline expansion.

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Digital Footprint

Crafting a Digital Identity for Birch Plastics

With a heritage spanning over 100 years, Birch Plastics exemplifies American craftsmanship in its product range, a quality echoed in its newly launched website, meticulously developed by LaPraim.

Serving the plastic industry's varied needs, Birch Plastics operates across multiple divisions, including Plastic Resin (Virgin and Recycled), Rotational Molding Resin and Services, Polymer Testing, Recycling, Compounding, and Pulverizing. LaPraim's role extended beyond design to in-depth market and audience analysis, ensuring the website is finely tuned for search engine optimization (SEO), enhancing Birch Plastics' online visibility and reach.

Website Ecommerce

Birch Plastics Value Impact KPI's

Website Traffic

+300% TrafficIncreased daily traffic of online storefront by 300%


+400% LeadsIncreased average daily leads by 400%

Online Sales

+100% SalesIncreased average daily sales by 100%

Source: Google Analytics, WooCommerce

B2B Solutions

Birch Plastics Digital Evolution

LaPraim has innovatively designed a website for this B2B company, focusing on a design-first approach combined with robust search engine optimization (SEO) and intuitive navigation, aimed at streamlining the decision-making process.

Key to distinguishing Birch Plastics from its competitors is the strategic implementation of SEO within their website. This approach not only caters to current needs but is also adaptable for future product and service expansions. The website's navigation, encompassing both the homepage footer and a keyword-focused sidebar menu, ensures easy access to information, effectively lowering bounce rates, enhancing conversion rates, and fostering trust in the brand's understanding of visitor needs.

Visually Dynamic

Transforming Birch Plastics Online Presence

To stand out in a competitive online landscape and drive conversions, LaPraim leveraged their expertise in balancing high website searchability and fluid navigation with visually appealing design. This approach was critical in capturing and retaining the attention of their targeted audience, leading to more effective online engagement and conversions.

For Birch Plastics, transitioning from a traditional manufacturing image to a modern, refreshed brand identity was key. LaPraim achieved this through smart design choices, creatively using visual elements related to plastics and introducing innovative branding strategies. This rejuvenation was especially crucial in coherently presenting Birch Plastics' diverse range of services, including virgin and recycled plastic resin, cornhole bag filler, rotational molding resin, polymer testing, plastic recycling, toll plastic compounding, and pulverizing service. The strategic design approach simplified the presentation of these eight distinct services, making them more accessible and understandable to customers.

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