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Birch Plastics

Founded in 2001 and located in a 70,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Houston, Texas, Birch Plastics is a growing leader in the plastics industry. They move over 25 million pounds a year of virgin and recycled resins from injection molders, extrusion, and rotational molding. To match the same growth offline, LaPraim was tasked to develop an organic lead-generating website for the digital landscape.

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Web Design

Built In The USA

With over 100 years of experience, Birch Plastics’ products built in the USA – just like its new website, it is conceived by LaPraim.

Birch Plastics serves the plastic industry within five different divisions, including Plastic Resin (Virgin And Recycled), Rotational Molding Resin and Services, Polymer Testing Services, Plastic Recycling, Plastic Compounding, and Pulverizing.

With these vast product and service offerings, LaPraim was required to develop a deep understanding of the market, its audience, and its online usage.

Website Ecommerce

Birch Plastics Value Impact KPI's

Website Traffic

+300% TrafficIncreased daily traffic of online storefront by 300%


+400% LeadsIncreased average daily leads by 400%

Online Sales

+100% SalesIncreased average daily sales by 100%

Source: Google Analytics, WooCommerce

Search Engine Optimization

Robust SEO

To accelerate the decision-making process for this business-to-business (B2B) company, LaPraim developed a design-first website with a robust search engine optimization (SEO) and navigation capabilities.

Getting customers to select Birch Plastics over the competitors is firmly attributed to their skilled SEO value, all of which is within the pages of their website. LaPraim designed a website that supports ongoing optimization for a company with planned product and service expansion.

Navigation on both the homepage footer and sidebar menu are both robust, and keyword focused. These navigation features ensure that visitors find what they need as soon as they land on the website — lowering bounce rates, increasing conversions, and instilling trust in a brand to know what the visitor needs.

UI/UX Director David Chiem (Left) unveils the new website mockup to Birch Plastics President Brandon Cleary (Right).


Advanced Design For Traditional Industry

To capture the attention of this audience online over the competition – and result in conversions – LaPraim utilized their unique skill set of matching mass-website searchability and seamless navigation with an attractive design.

To take a traditional manufacturing company to the next level, LaPraim used smart design, the visual concept of plastics, and applied creative branding that refreshed their look to make Birch Plastics stand apart from the competition.

A strategic design concept was vital in simplifying the valuable, yet individual eight major service offerings; including virgin plastic resin, recycled plastic resin, cornhole bag filler, rotational molding resin, polymer testing services, plastic recycling, toll plastic compounding, pulverizing service.

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