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One of the hallmarks of the new web design is its use of modern technologies. It is the reason there is more navigational support and responsiveness on the site. Thanks to the new design, users can load and check out a golf cart product page in an instant.

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Reigniting A Spark

The Transformative Website Redesign of CKD Golf Carts

Web design has become a crucial factor to drive the success of an ecommerce store. CKD Golf Carts understood from the beginning that the growth of its ecommerce presence depends on a transformative website redesign. It is no wonder the CKD Golf Carts site is built using WordPress, WooCommerce, and Square.

Better All-Around Performance

New Web Design, Better Results

With the roll out of a new web design, CKD Golf Carts has managed to boost sales, improve customer experience, and drive more traffic. According to statistics, the online retailer has managed to increase the average of its daily sales by 100%.

Furthermore, the online store’s new website has increased its average daily leads by 400%. The new data also highlights that the daily traffic of online storefront is increased by 300% after the implementation of a new website design.

Website Ecommerce

CKD Golf Carts Value Impact KPI's

Website Traffic

+300% TrafficIncreased daily traffic of online storefront by 300%


+400% LeadsIncreased average daily leads by 400%

Online Sales

+100% SalesIncreased average daily sales by 100%

Source: Google Analytics, WooCommerce

Clear Product Productions and Product Specs

Moreover, product descriptions and product specs come across as more comprehensive and specific after the new web design. Even with a lot of text, the website redesign still feels minimal. It allows CKD Golf Carts to boost its ecommerce SEO.

With more customer testimonials in the design, CKD Golf Carts can garner more attention. In hindsight, the product details now stand out much better after the website redesign.

More Structured and Minimal Design

In comparison, the web redesign of CKD Golf Carts is more clear, minimalist, and structured than the previous design. With a new website design, you can see an improved color palette and the proper placement of different carts. What’s even more interesting is that there have been no software iterations. In fact, you can expect the same powerhouse services from CKD Golf Carts.

Website Redesign: The Next Big Step for CKD Golf Carts

CKD Golf Carts’ new web design serves as a stepping stone for a better shopping experience with endless examples. Whether it’s the font, color, or product positioning, everything looks more natural. Essentially, CKD online store serves as a platform and wants to raise the industry standards for golf carts.

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