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Case Study

Apollo Moon Landing VR Experience

As one of Houston's premier credit unions with a membership exceeding 123,000 individuals, JSC Federal Credit Union proudly sponsored the 50th anniversary celebration of the Apollo 11 moon landing at Space Center Houston. Anticipating a turnout of over 60,000 guests during a single weekend, the credit union sought to introduce an engaging attraction that would not only draw lines but also enhance brand visibility and appeal to current and prospective members.

Apollo's Golden Anniversary

JSC Federal Credit Union partnered with LaPraim to bring the historic Apollo 11 Moon landing to life through a virtual reality experience. This immersive attraction was showcased at their booth in the STEM Research Zone. As global attention turned to Houston and NASA during the Apollo 11 lunar landing celebrations, this momentous event from 50 years prior was vividly brought back into the spotlight.

The initiative to connect with the community through this endeavor was met with significant success, achieving widespread impact on social media platforms.

JSC Federal Credit Union Apollo VR Experience Headset First Person View
Viewers take on the perspective of astronauts landing on the Moon, looking at the Apollo 11 rover while standing on the Moon. Beyond the Moon, participants also caught a glimpse of the Earth at an accurately measured distance.

Virtual Reality Experience

JSC Federal Credit Union Value Impact KPI's

Social Media Engagement

80,000 Shares1,100+ participants in the "Apollo Experience," creating a potential social reach of over 80,000.

Financial Metric

+5.2% Equityin equity from 2018 to 2019 ($112,760,429)

Member Growth

+4.2% Deposits in total deposits from 2018 to 2019 ($79,800,448)

Virtual Apollo Journey

Transforming Apollo's Legacy with Virtual Reality

The "Apollo Experience" was developed using Unity, a leading platform renowned for its versatility in crafting 3D, 2D, VR, and AR content across various industries such as gaming, automotive, transportation, animation, architecture, and engineering. In response to the credit union's aspiration for a stunning virtual presentation, LaPraim introduced their innovative concept for the "Apollo Experience."

Lunar Legacy

Building Trust Through the Apollo VR Experience

Initially planned with just one headset, the "Apollo Experience" quickly adapted to the overwhelming interest, adding a second headset after the first day of the four-day event.

The Houston Chronicle highlighted the significance of the celebration in Houston, a city integral to the nation's space program since 1961. As a community pillar, the credit union recognized the importance of offering a firsthand lunar experience to people of all ages.

The "Apollo Experience," emulating the iconic moonwalk, drew an impressive queue, extending across the building. Managing the three-minute time limit per user on the VR headset posed a considerable challenge due to the high interest.

The credit union strategically branded each headset with vinyl stickers, enhancing visibility. As participants immersed themselves in virtual reality, their companions often captured and shared these moments on social media, leading to over 1,100 participants and significant online engagement.

By associating their brand with a memorable, impactful experience, the credit union fostered potential consumer and community trust. This emotional resonance is key in building lasting brand loyalty and advocacy.

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