Case Study

Kinder Morgan
Pipeline Integrity Software

Using geographic information system (GIS) – its new pipeline integrity management software – Kinder Morgan can now quickly analyze its natural gas assets using visualized data. Developed by LaPraim, this GIS helps reduce risk and ensure compliance for an industry with strict maintenance requirements.


Pipeline Integrity Management

With a need to visually monitor and analyze natural gas assets, LaPraim turned Kinder Morgan’s extensive database of stored spatial locations and geographic coordinates of pipeline locations into a visual framework – a custom geohub.

The Tools

Tracking Spatial Locations of High-Value Assets

LaPraim digitized pipeline centerlines, consequence areas, special permits, and project locations, allowing Kinder Morgan to make an impactful spatial analysis. Physical assets within the GIS are available in several map options (road, aerial, or dark) with geographic overlays, measuring tools to determine distance, and circular buffers to pinpoint proximity.

Our programmers created extensive, layer style control and sorting options specified for pipeline integrity management within the oil and gas industry. GIS was developed using React, Python and SQL.

UI/UX Director David Chiem (Standing) leading a UI/UX review meeting with the Kinder Morgan team.

Features + Compliance

One-stop, on-demand solution to increase efficiency and profitability for oil and gas companies – instantly.

Kinder Morgan’s new GIS is a cost-efficient way to map and track the spatial location of high-value assets. Patterns in data by region or specific geology can be visualized to forecast changing conditions, track maintenance needs, and support geo-based business decisions.

To ensure projects are within compliance, the pipeline integrity software features custom fields for regulatory segment types, operators, line names, line designators, and risk aggregates. This data helps identify threats and to reduce the risk of failed evaluations.

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