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Working at LaPraim means wanting to
make a difference.
is learning
from each other.
means shifting
the paradigm.
is being a part of
something bigger.

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We work together, foster teamwork and collaboration to bring out the best in each other as we brainstorm ideas for technology solutions that elevate our potentials beyond imagination.

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Our core values

Our ideal team member possesses more than just skill.


LaPraim is a risk-taking and innovative technology firm. We create unique technological solutions for organizations of all sizes, from small businesses to large corporations; we're dedicated to helping our clients accomplish their goals while remaining efficient with the use of new technologies.


Professionalism, integrity and attention to detail are required when providing services to customers. Good synergy between departments helps with creativity in approaching new projects while maintaining reliability as the priority of an organization's mission statement.


There are three characteristics that make a person great at what they do: integrity, humility and passion. These traits create an environment of trust where people can thrive on their own terms while also helping others do the same.

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