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App Development

Mobile app development is the process of creating applications for mobile devices – primarily for iOS and Android. We can develop these applications natively or using a cross-platform approach.

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Native App Development
for iOS & Android

Native apps are developed specifically for iOS and Android. iOS apps are usually coded in Swift or Objective-C, and Android apps are usually built in Java or Kotlin.

While not as fast to develop as cross-platform apps, native apps have overall better performance, stability, and security.

Cross-Platform Apps
& When They're Ideal

Cross-platform app development is writing shareable and reusable code that works on different operating systems. We use a mobile development framework known as React Native. This means code is usually written once and can be run on both iOS and Android.

  • Writing code once for multiple OS means we can launch your app a lot faster.
  • It is supported by hundreds of external libraries.
  • It's a more cost-effective solution.

We understand the growing
value of mobile design.

  • Over the course of one year, mobile users share increased by over 10%.
  • Mobile apps have higher engagement rates than mobile-optimized websites or desktop web viewing.
  • In 2021, mobile phones generate 54.25% of the traffic, desktops - 42.9%.

We're tuned into the growing utility of mobile devices, so turning to design to maximize user engagement is crucial.

Our design process

The process

Agile Worflow
in App Development

Implementing an agile workflow means delivering work in smaller, more consumable phases. This methodology enables several benefits, including:

  • Reduces risk because the success of one phase isn't 100% reliant on another.
  • Moving away from linearity means phases can be accomplished simultaneously.
  • Enhances quality, adaptability & scalability.

A set of core values, practices, and principles that have been created to help software development teams collaborate more effectively.

Research + Strategy

Find out how we can help you create your next successful mobile application with our design solutions and strategy that will get people interested in what matters most!

Planning + Design

The design process starts with a user flow mockup model that illustrates the path of users through your app.


We are a team of experts in every aspect from account management and project design to our skilled developers who will make sure that everything runs smoothly on time.

Quality Assurance + Testing

Mobile app testing is the process of evaluating an application's functionality on smartphones.


Coordinating the coordination between LaPraim and our clients is key in project deployment. This process ensures that product ownership can be transferred over, while also scheduling an official launch for you!

Technology with humanity

A dedicated account manager with every account.

Personal account managers give you the attention of a boutique creative design agency with the dependability and scalability of a larger platform-based firm.

Gone are the days of waiting around for customer support. Your account manager is the bridge between your digital needs and a team of developers.

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