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We design experiences.

We partner with companies to design innovative technologies that create global impact.

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Who we are.

Strategy in design creates impact and disrupts the status quo. Digital innovation in emerging technologies has the capabilities to scale digital impact for businesses and organizations.

LaPraim is an agency dedicated to performance-focused app development, voice assistant applications, web design, virtual reality, and digital marketing.


What we do.
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App Development

Development and design start with an idea and grow into a custom app that is supported on all operating devices. Applications are built from the ground up starting with UI/UX design and then full development.

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Web Design

Web design and development can add value to a business or organization by increasing visibility and interactions. Website layout, speed, and conversion rate are all key performance indicators.

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As a human-centered design agency, we craft product experiences that change the way people work, live and interact by bridging the gap between digital and physical experiences.

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Digital Marketing

Combining both paid media and search engine optimization creates a result driven strategy that creates a high rate of return on investment.

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Voice Assistant Applications

Voice assistant marketing is a growing area that companies are just starting to explore. Developing a voice app that brings value into the home creates brand awareness.

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Virtual Reality

The possibilities of marketing your company in virtual reality are endless. Virtual reality has the potential to engage clients and customers in ways never before possible.

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Digital Transformation

Be the first to forecast, explore, and predict Digital Transformations (DX) within your industry. We will help advance your business through innovative and emerging technologies.

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Take a look at a few of our projects for which we've outlined the strategy and design process. Through analytics and A/B testing, we aim for improvements using data-driven results. And upon the completion of any project, we continue the connection with our clients to ensure they embark on a path of further success.

Now Introducing

LaPraim Client Dashboard Portal

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Assigned Account Managers

Grow relationships with customers, key executives and stakeholders while answering client queries.

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Clear Project Status & Real-Time Updates

Update your project data in real time and track progression at the same rate it's uploaded.

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Work Requests

Schedule a work order and assign to anyone at the touch of a button.

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Website Analytics

Analyze data using metrics like page views and online conversions to maximize success and user experience.

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Upload Unlimited Work Files

Send, receive, upload or download an unlimited number of projects for all your clients.

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Easy Pay Options

Pay or get paid fast using the simple and straightforward Easy Pay options.

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Discussion Box

Communicate directly with account managers and developers and receive responses quickly in a simple way.

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Client-Only News & Industry Insights

Recieve insider tips, helpful industry secrets, and stay up to date on the latest news and current happenings.

Now Introducing

Alexa, what's the latest update on my project?

Still waiting on a status update from your marketing agency? Not our clients. We've integrated Alexa™ with our project management system letting our clients know the current status of their projects.

Kinder Morgan: Integra

Kinder Morgan’s new GIS is a cost-efficient way to map and track the spatial location of high-value assets.

Explore Integra

Luminess Beauty Cosmetics

Using an innovative business strategy, Luminess partnered with LaPraim to create one of the first e-commerce websites and applications offering a "try before you buy" option using Augmented Reality (AR).

Explore Luminess

The Hunter Sight

Sharpen your instincts where the pavement ends with The Hunter Sight. Learn when and where to hunt specific animals all while simplifying how you manage and share photos.

Explore The Hunter Sight


Built for connecting local restaurants, bars, coffee shops and parks to its local community inhabitants, BeePow keeps local communities buzzing along by bringing awareness to local businesses within walking distance.

Explore BeePow

The Apollo Experience

JSC Federal Credit Union will use virtual reality to “put people on the moon” in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 landing.

Explore Apollo

Scriptly Rx

Scriptly Rx is a prescription discount service that allows users to digitally access prescription discounts through web and mobile app solutions.

Explore RX

Christian Brothers Automotive

Christian Brothers Automotive takes technology often found in new dealerships straight to their service locations. Using LaPraim’s expertise in Artificial Intelligence (AI) to recruit in-demand and highly-skilled mechanics with its new recruiting website.

Explore Recruiting

G&H Diversified Manufacturing

G&H Diversified Manufacturing takes customer satisfaction and quality manufacturing very seriously. The new multi-divisional websites show their attention to detail and customer experience.

Explore G&H

Birch Plastics

To accelerate the decision-making process for this business-to-business (B2B) company, LaPraim developed a design-first website with a robust search engine optimization (SEO) and navigation capabilities.

Explore Birch

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We deliver results on time, budget and scope. Our designs and strategies are created from data-driven research. We partner with you to create and develop a digital presence that drives growth for your business.