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Sesco Cement is a vertically integrated global enterprise that sources, manufactures, and transports raw materials nationwide. They operate the largest privately-owned, single-user terminal in the world making them a huge competitor in the cement industry. We set out to take their brand to the next level by developing a website that reflects all aspects of their business. We took their website from looking like a mom and pop business to the nationwide player that they are.

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Unique Solution

Laying the Foundation

SESCO Cement needed a brand refresh and complete website redesign and restructuring. Their old site did not accurately reflect all of the aspects of their business, nor did it entice the users to engage with it. We wanted to make sure that the site captured all of SESCO Cement’s capabilities, products and past projects. Maximizing the user experience by making the site's interactive and engaging was also a priority. By incorporating plenty of interactive elements to engage with, SESCO Cement’s site is more memorable than the sites of their manufacturing competitors.

Integrating Cutting Edge Technology

The Building Blocks

Moreover, product descriptions and product specs come across as more comprehensive and specific after the new web design. Even with a lot of text, the website redesign still feels minimal. It allows CKD Golf Carts to boost its ecommerce SEO.

Incorporating cutting edge technology into SESCO Cement’s website was important in order to ensure that the site was a reflection of their business. SESCO Cement is innovative. Their website needed to be as well. We integrated a Geographic Information System (GIS) which is defined as the use of spatial and geographic data to solve problems. The SESCO Cement ‘Find a Dealer’ page is built with GIS so that users can easily find their terminal locations in relation to any address imputed into the field. This capability makes it easy and convenient for users to find a SESCO Cement terminal no matter where they are.

The Results

A Newly Revamped Website

SESCO Cement’s new site is optimized for the most memorable user experience. All information is organized in a way that is easy for users to navigate through. The site’ interactive elements support increased engagement and session duration.

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