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Case Study

Shaping a Future-Ready Digital Identity in the Cement Industry

Join us in exploring SESCO Cement's digital transformation journey. As a leading force in the cement industry, SESCO needed a digital platform reflecting its comprehensive role in sourcing, manufacturing, and transportation. This case study highlights LaPraim's role in evolving SESCO's online presence from basic to a robust and interactive/a> platform, demonstrating their industry leadership and commitment to digital innovation.

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Web Experience

Transformation From Basic to Engaging Online Presence

SESCO Cement required a brand and website transformation. Their previous site fell short in showcasing their full business scope and engaging users. Our aim was to create a site that highlights SESCO’s capabilities, products, and project history while prioritizing user engagement. The introduction of interactive features now sets SESCO’s website apart, making it a memorable and engaging experience in the manufacturing industry.

Web Redesign Fusing Minimalism with Advanced Technology

The new web design for SESCO Cement enhances product details and retains a minimalistic feel, improving their e-commerce SEO. Emphasizing their innovative edge, we introduced a Geographic Information System (GIS) on their website. This feature, particularly on the 'Find a Dealer' page, allows users to easily locate SESCO Cement terminals using any inputted address, simplifying the process and enhancing user convenience.

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