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Mental Health Gateway

Hope and Healing Center & Institute is an independent 501c3 non-profit organization on a mission to be Houston’s frontline resource for accessing free mental health services. By doing so, they hope to transform lives and restore hope in those who live with mental health challenges.

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The Solution

Get trained to help people in need with this innovative new app.

Gateway to Hope is the training branch of the Hope and Healing Center & Institute.They provide educational resources for those that want to get trained to help people in need of mental health support. They offer a comprehensive solution by providing tested tools and ongoing support to trainees. We set out to develop an innovative mobile application to be used as a resource for their trainees.

Our Mission

Helping people find hope and healing in the midst of mental health struggles.

Gateway to Hope tasked us with designing and developing a mobile application that would host resources for their students. The resources included videos, quizzes and PDFs and it was our job to organize everything in a way that resulted in the most optimal user experience. We wanted to ensure that the user had no issues finding what they needed. The application also needed a forum section, a news/updates section and a referral network section which would house client forms.

Integration for Optimal UI/UX

Seamless Integration of Quickbase and LearnDash API

Seamless integration was crucial to create an optimal user experience. In order to build the referral network section of the application, we integrated Quickbase to ensure that the user never had to leave the application. We also integrated LearnDash API so that users could login to their LearnDash portal straight from the application.

Not only was it important to us that the user was never redirected from the application, but that MGH did not need to restructure their operations with the development of this new application. We worked with their existing business model to ensure that they wouldn’t need to use new and unfamiliar databases.

The Results

A New Way to Manage Your Mental Health

Mental Health Gateway’s application is beautiful, easy to navigate for the user, and simple for the client to integrate into their existing business model. The application is easily scalable so that if new resources need to be added, it can be done simply and without any restructuring.

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