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Case Study

Christian Brothers Automotive Revolutionizes Mechanic Recruitment

Christian Brothers Automotive has revolutionized its recruitment process by bringing advanced technology typically seen in new dealerships directly to its service centers. They collaborated with LaPraim to harness Smart Recruiter APIs and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for their new recruiting website, aimed at hiring skilled and in-demand mechanics.

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Intelligent Job Searching

With a shortage in the market for highly-skilled mechanics, these in-demand technicians are often difficult to recruit.

One of the biggest challenges was to find professionals who align with Christian Brothers Automotive's core values of honesty and integrity, which are fundamental to its network of over 200 franchise-operated facilities.

LaPraim utilized AI to not only draw in, but also engage and convert the nation's top mechanics, overcoming the hurdle of attracting those already employed. The Smart Recruiter APIs facilitated the creation of a sophisticated recruiting platform. This platform captivates users with intuitive search functions, user-friendly application processes, and real-time interactions that highlight the benefits of joining the organization.

The strategic use of AI in this recruitment process has been successful in attracting suitable candidates, increasing engagement, and ensuring high-quality hires, all while providing a positive experience with the brand.

At the heart of Christian Brothers Automotive is a fundamental belief in honesty and integrity guiding their operations. This ethos extends to their recruitment, seeking mechanics who take pride in their work and cherish their role within the community.

Developing intelligent and effective software and websites is a crucial strategy for enhancing recruitment, reducing staff turnover, and boosting retention. Christian Brothers Automotive exemplifies this approach, offering more than just a job to its mechanics, but a place to excel in their craft and contribute meaningfully to their community.

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