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Case Study

Sweet Paris Crêperie & Café

From a revamp of their official website, packaged with a rework of their UI/UX, to an uplift to their franchise website, Sweet Paris requested a complete digital transformation.

Explore the designs, findings and technologies used throughout this transformative process of this e-commerce site.

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A Data-Driven Site

Providing real-time metrics on activity levels and site performance.

The analytics or statistics of a site tells us a lot of what we need to know about a site's performance. In Sweet Paris' case, it led us to the following conclusions:

  • Mobile visitors outnumbered desktop visitors 6:1.
  • On average, visitors stayed on the site 5.2s longer than the previous site.
  • Overall ranking improved after 2 weeks of being live.
  • Since most traffic was coming from Texas, it made sense to send targetted ads to those areas.
  • Based on how longs visitors spent on a particular section of a site, the savory crepes generally garnered more attention than the sweet crepes.





By integrating analytics into the site, we were able to see that nearly 87% of traffic visiting the site was coming from mobile devices.

The Technology Behind Sweet Paris

For e-commerce sites, conversion is the name of the game – the more a site can generate sales, whether it be directly through online orders, or indirectly through increased online awareness, the more successful the business becomes. Here are the technologies used to facilitate that success.

The e-commerce feature of the site is backed by ToastTab. This enables users to place orders online from the comfort of their home or on-the-go.

Displaying positive reviews has a strong correlation to sales conversions and this was carried out by Google Reviews.

Integrating Google Analytics allows the ability to see what parts of a site are working well and what needs improving.

Keeping a site fresh shows the site is actively being maintained, and this is bolstered by the Instagram API dynamically pulling in the latest images.

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