Case Study

Hollander Glass

Providing informational resources and the highest quality glass and door products is Hollander’s mission. Ours was to create four stunning websites that showcased their unique capabilities, aesthetically reflected their brand and incorporated ecommerce functionality.

Bevel King Doors

Bevel King Doors offers the highest quality interior, exterior and beveled glass doors as well as full entry units including transoms. They have a wide selection of sizes and styles so that their customers can create a unique and custom door design. Our goal for this website was to make it behave like an ecommerce website but without ecommerce functionality.

The client did not want customers to be able to purchase doors through the website, but instead, wanted them to be able to browse through their inventory and then contact them if they were interested in what they saw. They also wanted login functionality so that dealers could access certain information that other users could not. The result is a beautiful website that is easy for users to navigate.

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Fusing Center

The Hollander Fusing Center is a glass art facility that is solely devoted to the fused glass industry. Our goal was to modernize and redesign their website so that it was as beautiful as the glass they craft. Not only did the site need to be aesthetically pleasing, but also showcase the various elements of their business.

Ecommerce capabilities, with the use of CS Cart, were integrated along with login functionality so that only members could view prices within the online store. A page for events and workshops needed to be built out with the ability to scale as additional events are added. The result was a simple and stunning website that had all of the functionality that the client requested.

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Hollander Historic

Hollander Historic is a source for historically accurate restoration window glass. The goal being to recreate period glass by using the same manufacturing process used in America from the 17th to the mid-20th century. The purpose of this site was purely informational.

The client wanted users to be able to go to this site to learn more about their process and be met with a beautiful and easy to navigate site. Our goal was to increase session duration so that the user learns as much from the content as possible. We accomplished this by incorporating interactive and interesting transitional elements to the website.

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Hollander Specialty Glass

Hollander Glass is the world's leading wholesale supplier of stained glass, fusing products, architectural and beveled glass, tools and supplies. The client requested that this website act as a hub for all of their other websites. They wanted it to be striking and memorable since it would most likely be the first website of theirs that their customers would see.

To make the site memorable, the client requested we integrate interactive elements. We chose to build out an experience design feature where a user can click on different glass patterns and see them displayed on glass in real world contexts. The client also requested we develop an area in the site where users can scroll through their products and filter them within different categories. Implementing the filter functionality resulted in a great user experience due to ease of navigation.

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