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Case Study

The Glass Gateway Unifying Hollander Online

Our digital mission was to create four websites that embody the superior quality of our glass and door offerings, enriching them with valuable information. These sites were designed to deliver a unified brand experience and feature an intuitive ecommerce platform for effortless customer interaction and transactions.

We optimized the sites for search engines through targeted SEO practices and responsive design, aiming to enhance online visibility and attract more visitors, thus creating a more engaging and user-friendly digital platform.

Leveraging Leading-Edge Technology

In the quest to revitalize Hollander's online footprint, we embraced a suite of advanced technological solutions, ensuring each website operated with cutting-edge functionality and seamless user experiences. Our technology stack was carefully chosen for its reliability, scalability, and performance.

The bedrock of our collaborative efforts, GitHub served as the version control guardian, facilitating a unified development process across all four websites. It enabled our team to work in tandem, merging contributions, tracking progress, and maintaining a comprehensive codebase with ease and precision.

As our chosen cloud platform, Heroku provided a powerful, container-based environment that allowed for smooth deployments and effortless scaling. With its robust ecosystem and support for multiple programming languages, Heroku was instrumental in maintainingg optimal operation for Hollander's digital properties.

Understanding the importance of security and speed, Cloudflare was integrated into the infrastructure to bolster defense mechanisms and enhance content delivery. Its global content delivery network (CDN) meant users everywhere could access Hollander's websites rapidly, without compromising sensitive information.

E-commerce being a critical component of Hollander's digital strategy, Shopify's platform was the cornerstone of the online shopping experience. Its versatile and user-friendly interface provided a seamless transaction process, while its extensive suite of e-commerce tools ensured that Hollander's products were showcased effectively, inventories were managed efficiently, and sales processes were streamlined.

Bevel King Doors

Bevel King Doors showcases a broad range of high-quality doors and entry units, with ample styles for personalized designs. The website we developed offers an ecommerce-like browsing experience but directs customers to inquire directly for purchases. It includes a dealer login for privileged information access, resulting in a user-friendly and visually appealing site that invites customer interaction and personal service.

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Fusing Center

The Hollander Fusing Center, dedicated to fused glass art, needed a website that reflected the beauty of its craft. Our redesign focused on a visually appealing layout that highlights the center's services. We integrated ecommerce features using CS Cart and exclusive login access for members to view pricing. Additionally, we developed an expandable events page to accommodate their growing workshop schedule. The outcome was a sleek, functional website tailored to the client's specifications.

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Hollander Historic

Hollander Historic provides authentic restoration window glass, crafted using traditional methods spanning from the 17th to the mid-20th century. Their website is designed to be an educational resource on this historical craft.

The client's aim was for a site that not only informs but is also visually appealing and easy to navigate. Our focus was to enrich user engagement and prolong visit times. This was achieved by embedding interactive features and captivating transitions into the site design.

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Hollander Specialty Glass

Hollander Glass, a premier wholesale provider of stained glass and related supplies, sought a central website to link their diverse offerings. They envisioned a striking and unforgettable landing page as the first touchpoint for customers.

To make a lasting impression, we embedded interactive elements, including an experience design feature allowing users to preview glass patterns in real-world settings. Additionally, we developed a smooth-scrolling product showcase with a filtering system, enhancing user experience through streamlined navigation.

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The Results

Hollander Online A Seamless Fusion of Commerce and Craftsmanship

The Digital Renaissance of Glass and Doors Crafting the Future

In summary, Hollander's digital reinvention has been a pivotal shift, meticulously executed to elevate their online presence and enhance customer engagement. The collaboration of advanced technologies like GitHub, Heroku, Cloudflare, and Shopify has resulted in a powerful suite of websites that not only align with Hollander's commitment to excellence but also set new standards for user experience and e-commerce functionality.

This harmonious integration has successfully unified Hollander's offerings, propelling them to the forefront of the industry. The newly transformed 'Glass Gateway' is more than a digital platform; it's a reflection of Hollander's future-focused vision, establishing a strong online presence that resonates with quality and innovation.

Through this transformation, we've created an interconnected digital ecosystem that not only showcases Hollander's expertise but also streamlines the user journey, ensuring that each visit is as seamless and satisfying as the last. This is the new digital chapter for Hollander, where clarity, quality, and precision meet the digital world.

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