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Case Study

The Future of Cosmetics Shopping

Luminess, renowned for its distinctively streamlined and high-caliber airbrush cosmetics collection, aims to deliver products that the everyday user finds intuitive and straightforward. Embracing a forward-thinking business approach, Luminess joined forces with LaPraim, pioneering in the e-commerce space by launching one of the earliest online platforms and applications. This platform uniquely features a "try before you buy" functionality, leveraging Augmented Reality (AR) technology to enhance customer experience.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality Changing the Face of Beauty

LaPraim, anticipating the future needs of beauty consumers, developed an innovative digital solution that allows users to virtually try on makeup products without visiting a physical store. Utilizing Augmented Reality (AR) technology built on Unity, this approach not only accelerates the buying process but also enhances customer loyalty and spearheads innovation in the cosmetics industry.

This virtual try-on feature is seamlessly integrated with an immediate online purchasing option, significantly shortening the journey from exploring products online to receiving them at home. This strategic advancement represents a major shift in beauty product purchasing, blending the in-store experience with the convenience of shopping from home.


Transforming Cosmetic Shopping Using UI/UX

As the #1 global leader in airbrush cosmetics, Luminess' premiere and iconic airbrushing system moved to the forefront of the new e-commerce website and application, along with over 400 other products and supporting content on over 1,000 pages.

Working along with a rebrand of the entire Beauty division of Luminess, the design is a visual exploration of Luminess' vast product offerings – a clean, high-quality representation of the products.

Reflecting on a changing marketplace for a quick and easy experience, the new UI/UX is easier to navigate and guides buyers to find and customize their own airbrush systems by skin tone and more.

By streamlining the purchase process, LaPraim provides Luminess with more opportunities to capture visitor data for remarketing, creating custom user portals for customers, consultants, and rewards members. This UI/UX experience takes Luminess to the next level of beauty in the online marketplace.

Ecommerce Expansion

Innovative UI UX Design in Beauty Retail

Luminess, a global leader in airbrush cosmetics, enhanced its online presence with a comprehensive e-commerce website and application, featuring its premier airbrushing system and an extensive range of over 400 products. This digital platform, encompassing over 1,000 pages, coincides with a major rebranding of Luminess' Beauty division, showcasing a visually appealing and high-quality representation of its diverse product line.

In response to the evolving demands of the marketplace, the new user interface and user experience (UI/UX) offer a streamlined, easy-to-navigate system. This design simplifies the process for customers to select and customize airbrush systems according to their skin tone and preferences. LaPraim's enhancements to the purchasing process not only improve customer engagement but also enable Luminess to gather valuable visitor data for targeted remarketing, while providing specialized portals for customers, consultants, and reward members, thus elevating Luminess' position in the online beauty market.

Beauty E-Commerce

Personalized Beauty Shopping Redefined Online

LaPraim, utilizing Unity, developed an open-source Augmented Reality (AR) mobile application, employing developers adept in crafting styles that respond rapidly to precise facial expressions. This app, akin to Snapchat and Instagram filters but with greater precision, employs AR to detect subtle facial movements, offering a unique e-commerce experience. The application, compatible with both Apple iOS and Android Google Play, features a bespoke facial recognition algorithm, adept at accurately applying cosmetic shades and makeup styles to a user's face, adapting to their individual facial expressions.

To streamline the cosmetic buying process, LaPraim's solution addresses common obstacles that consumers face, such as determining their correct skin tone, which can often take years. Luminess' new website and application simplify this by saving users' skin tone, lip color, and eye color, while also suggesting suitable makeup looks. The e-commerce aspect of the website and application includes an advanced, customized checkout page with real-time price discounts, payment plan options, and a dynamic cart that updates quantities live, enhancing the shopping experience based on the user's account status and preferences.

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