Case Study

Luminess Beauty

Known for its uniquely compact yet professional-quality airbrush cosmetics line, Luminess designs products to be easy-to-use for the at-home consumer. Using an innovative business strategy, Luminess partnered with LaPraim to create one of the first e-commerce websites and applications offering a "try before you buy" option using Augmented Reality (AR).

Augmented Reality (AR)

Customizing "The Art Of Beauty" Using Augmented Reality (AR)

With foresight into a digital experience that all beauty consumers will soon demand, LaPraim designed and developed a way for consumers to virtually "try on" makeup products and looks without stepping into a storefront."

Using Augmented Reality (AR) built on Unity, this strategic approach speeds up purchase time, increases customer loyalty, and creates a path for innovation in the cosmetics industry."

Paired with an option to buy online immediately after "trying" a look, it reduces the purchase path to only a few clicks from viewing online to having products delivered to their doorstep."

"This is a game-changer for beauty product consumers. It gives them the experience they enjoy in-store with the convenience to buy online from home."


Transforming Cosmetic Shopping Using UI/UX

As the #1 global leader in airbrush cosmetics, Luminess' premiere and iconic airbrushing system moved to the forefront of the new e-commerce website and application, along with over 400 other products and supporting content on over 1,000 pages.

Working along with a rebrand of the entire Beauty division of Luminess, the design is a visual exploration of Luminess' vast product offerings – a clean, high-quality representation of the products.

Reflecting on a changing marketplace for a quick and easy experience, the new UI/UX is easier to navigate and guides buyers to find and customize their own airbrush systems by skin tone and more.

By streamlining the purchase process, LaPraim provides Luminess with more opportunities to capture visitor data for remarketing, creating custom user portals for customers, consultants, and rewards members. This UI/UX experience takes Luminess to the next level of beauty in the online marketplace.

Ecommerce Expansion

Expanding AR Technology Into Ecommerce

Built using Unity, LaPraim created the open-source Augmented Reality (AR) experience using developers skilled in applying styles that required a quick digital response to precise facial expressions.

Once the makeup is applied to a user's face, in a similar yet more precise fashion to filters available on Snapchat and Instagram, this mobile application uses Augmented Reality (AR) to detect finite facial movements for unique e-commerce experience.

Precisely applying cosmetic shades and makeup looks to a person's face, and following their unique facial expressions is a highly skilled technique. The custom facial recognition algorithm is available for use on both Apple iOS and Android Google Play‎.

LaPraim also removed the time-consuming obstacles that buyers don't even realize they have to manage while deciding on the at-times, complex experience of buying of a cosmetics product. It can take some consumers years to discover their correct skin tone. Luminess' new website and application not only saves a users' skin tone, lip color, and eye color but also recommends seamless looks and cosmetics.

The e-commerce portion of the website and application include an advanced, customized checkout page. With real-time price discounts, payment plan options, and an option to change quantities in a live checkout cart, that follows the user as they purchase items throughout the website. All while providing the user the ability to quickly change their experience based on their login and account status.

Yotpo Marketing Platform

Smart Marketing Integration

While the "try before you buy" is a marketing opportunity primed for a quickly expanding customer reach, it also gives Luminess the opportunity to capture, collect, and customize a users' unique experience while purchasing cosmetics.

Beating the competition similar to Ulta and Sephora, the new website and application give Luminess to change content as often as needed, add marketing content, pop-ups, promotions, and more.

LaPraim also integrated social media marketing and third-party tools like Yotpo that allows seamless influencer engagement with Instagram marketing – the most utilized channel of beauty shoppers – by pulling in influencer posts, reviews, and comments.

Without a brick-and-mortar, the power of e-commerce shows on the Luminess website and application. Examples include customer loyalty, beauty rewards, VIP, and affiliate network programs. All with perks, discounts, birthday gifts, and exclusive offers. These elements are within the backend of the website for the marketing team to develop their reach beyond direct online sales.

LaPraim also provided a solution to collect valuable referral data and speed up the data collection process that most end users skip, causing additional time spent within operations on.

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