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G&H Diversified Manufacturing

Always building. Always better. Backed by proven machining capabilities and detailed craftsmanship, G&H Diversified Manufacturing is the best metal manufacturer in the business. Now they’re using their mission of innovation and improvement to provide a better online customer experience with four new websites for their multi-divisional organization.

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Why build it

From their humble beginnings in 1958 as a small tool & die shop, G&H has grown into a premier metal manufacturer of advanced products for leading companies in oil & gas, architecture, technology, transportation, defense, and many other industries.

Known for their ability to deliver high-quality products with precision and fast turn-around, G&H had three divisions and one feature oil tool product that needed lead-generating websites to increase their online presence in search results as well as a more intuitive user experience.

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"G&H multi-divisional websites now feature each company’s unique services, expertise, projects and call to action."

Never Stop Innovating or Improving

Staying true to the parent brand, G&H Diversified Manufacturing, LaPraim took a user-first approach when organizing the information architecture of each website. With an added focus on mobile-first and conversion-optimized design, LaPraim created a seamless overall user interface and experience for each brand.

G&H Diversified Manufacturing

Challenged to visually amplify the full range of services and products that G&H is now able to provide, the new website simplifies the major service offerings and products, highlights prominent customers to prove their trustworthiness and high standard of operations, as well as gives the website visitor a visual breakdown of the supporting divisions.

G&H Arch Metals

Producing well-known projects such as One World Trade Center and 3 World Trade Center in New York, NY, G&H Arch Metals has been a leading custom metal manufacturer for over 55 years. Inspired by their ability to turn a simple design aesthetic into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, LaPraim used the same approach when developing the project-prominent website. Users are given instant access to watch them “Always Building. Always Beautiful.”

Yellow Jacket Oil Tools – A “Plug & Perf Powerhouse,”

Yellow Jacket distributes oil tools within 12 product categories from strategically located warehouses in major U.S. oil-producing regions. The previous website overwhelmed the user with news, events, and calls for action that led the website visitor further away from the products. The new website is product-first, focusing on the tools, service areas, and an easy-to-follow sales process that drives online opportunities directly to the sales team.

M1 Frac Plug – “The Difference is in The Details. Less Truly is More.”

That’s true for the M1 Frac Plug, the shortest full composite top-set frac plug from Yellow Jacket Oil Tools, as well as the new website. With a focus on this product’s features and specifications, the five-page microsite has an interactive element on the product renderings that will make text appear or enlarge in size as you scroll – capturing and holding the user’s attention. A clean, simple design with clear calls to action drives users to either download a brochure or contacting a specialist, pushing them down the B2B sales funnel.

Expanding Brand Reach

G&H Diversified Manufacturing takes customer satisfaction and quality manufacturing very seriously. The new multi-divisional websites show their attention to detail and customer experience.

Developing a complementary suite of websites that can stand on their own, yet support an overarching brand displays growth, stability, and innovation. These are key to expanding your customer reach, referrals, and retention.

Kinder Morgan: Integra

Kinder Morgan’s new GIS is a cost-efficient way to map and track the spatial location of high-value assets.

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Birch Plastics

To accelerate the decision-making process for this business-to-business (B2B) company, LaPraim developed a design-first website with a robust search engine optimization (SEO) and navigation capabilities.

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Luminess Beauty Cosmetics

Using an innovative business strategy, Luminess partnered with LaPraim to create one of the first e-commerce websites and applications offering a "try before you buy" option using Augmented Reality (AR).

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The Hunter Sight

Sharpen your instincts where the pavement ends with The Hunter Sight. Learn when and where to hunt specific animals all while simplifying how you manage and share photos.

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Built for connecting local restaurants, bars, coffee shops and parks to its local community inhabitants, BeePow keeps local communities buzzing along by bringing awareness to local businesses within walking distance.

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The Apollo Experience

JSC Federal Credit Union will use virtual reality to “put people on the moon” in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 landing.

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Scriptly Rx

Scriptly Rx is a prescription discount service that allows users to digitally access prescription discounts through web and mobile app solutions.

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Christian Brothers Automotive

Christian Brothers Automotive takes technology often found in new dealerships straight to their service locations. Using LaPraim’s expertise in Artificial Intelligence (AI) to recruit in-demand and highly-skilled mechanics with its new recruiting website.

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