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Mobile Hybrid Apps

At LaPraim, our developers use a multi-step process to unite all components to form a harmonious product.

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Mobile Hybrid Apps

Building a Hybrid App

Hybrid apps combine the best of Native apps and Web apps. Like native apps, they have to be downloaded in an app store and are able to utilize any of the features the device has. As for the web app part, they rely on HTML being rendered in a browser embedded within the app.


Hybrid apps are typically easier and faster to develop, which means that they are often less expensive than native apps.

Audience Exposure

Hybrid apps are essentially a website wrapped up into a neat, native package. Hybrid Apps are the perfect way to interact with users who are highly mobile and would rarely interact with your brand on a desktop.


With hybrid apps you have the ability to switch platforms (iOS/Android) with less effort than it would take to create a second app.


If you want to update or change the functionality of your hybrid app, you only have to do it at the core it’s built around and both apps will be changed.

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