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Take user interface & user experience to new grounds with purposeful designs.

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If you've wondered any
of the following questions...

Why is my drop off rate so high?

How do I lower my bounce rate?

My leads aren't converting into sales.

Customers say they have difficulty navigating the site.

Why are users leaving before completing forms/checking out?

More traffic coming from mobile but more conversions from desktop.

...enhancing the UI/UX
could be a solution.

What is UI

Bring a captivating user interface
to the forefront.

User Interface (UI) is the space where interactions between users and systems occur. From buttons and links clicked, text read or entered, to every other item users interact with, all these elements fall under the UI umbrella.

LaPraim's focus on UI aims to maximize engagement in a seamless and methodical manner.

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What is UX

Design the best possible user experience.

User Experience (UX) is the experience a user has while interacting with a service or product. The goal is to make that service or product more accessibile, usable, and a pleasant experience overall for the user.

LaPraim specializes in anticipating users' needs and creating experiences that offer utility and value to the end user.


Design and overall theme must be cohesive and true to the brand.


Incorporate strategically placed interactions to keep the experience interesting.

A/B Testing

Side-by-side testing to determine what yields the best results.


Objectively measure what features or pages perform the best.


Invaluable direct dialogue from users on how their experience could be improved.


A good experience means a user's needs were happily met.

Where UI & UX meet

Boost the all-around performance of your product.

Often paired with user interaction to highlight form and function, user experience design serves to fulfill the needs of both the product and its users.

Because so many perspectives and tradeoffs have to be taken into consideration, UI/UX extends into various disciplines to make an experience great as a whole.

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Personal account managers give you the attention of a boutique creative design agency with the dependability and scalability of a larger platform-based firm.

Gone are the days of waiting around for customer support. Your account manager is the bridge between your digital needs and a team of developers.

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