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Christian Brothers Automotive Careers

Christian Brothers Automotive takes technology often found in new dealerships straight to their service locations. Using LaPraim’s expertise in Smart Recruiter APIs and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to recruit in-demand and highly-skilled mechanics with its new recruiting website.

Intelligent Job Searching

The Christian Brothers Automotive Careers site seamlessly incorporates AI to handle the mundanities of job hunting. Let it know what job factors matter to you and get back a list of jobs matching that criteria.

Why build it

With a shortage in the market for highly-skilled mechanics, these in-demand technicians are often difficult to recruit.

What’s even more difficult is finding those experts with the same goal of Christian Brothers Automotive and its over 200 facilities owned and operated by franchise partners – that honesty and integrity should be the driving force behind the business.

Using our expertise in artificial intelligence (AI) to attract, engage and convert the country’s best mechanics, LaPraim has removed the barrier of attracting experts who are already gainfully employed.

“We’re attracting highly-skilled mechanics with artificial intelligence to help us find candidates with a matching pride in their work, community, and service.”


Using Smart Recruiter APIs, LaPraim developed an advanced recruiting website that engages visitors with seamless search tools, naturally easy-to-use application forms, and real-time conversations that guide them through the benefits of working for the organization.

This strategic application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not only attracting relevant candidates and increasing engagement but ensuring quality conversions – all while giving the user a positive brand experience.


Christian Brothers Automotive was built on the basic principle that honesty and integrity should be the driving force behind the business.

Giving their mechanics more than a stall to hone their craft, Christian Brothers Automotive is finding candidates who take a shared pride in their work, love their job and community.

Building software and websites that offer an intelligent, yet effective solution is key way to boost recruitment, lower turnover, and increase retention.

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