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The Hunter Sight

Sharpen your instincts where the pavement ends with The Hunter Sight. This web application brings life to your static trail cam photos. Learn when and where to hunt specific animals all while simplifying how you manage and share photos.

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Why build it

The Hunter Sight was built to help hunters “Sharpen Their Instincts”. This hunting apps central benefit is to organize data and keep it at your fingertips for on-the-go convenience.

Hunters are able to Embark on more confident and successful hunts with detailed public and private boundaries, including landowner names and hunting clubs.

"The Hunter Sight offers advanced mapping, land management, reporting, social and collaboration tools."

Scouting the Land

The Hunter Sight delivers the highest quality features to maximize your hunting experience. Easily create mappable satellite images of your hunting properties. Generate data charts with the click of a button. Network with your neighbors, friends, or lease partners to form a private community hunt club. The Hunter Sight is your all-in-one hunting platform.

If you’re an avid hunter, guide, property manager or member of a lease or hunting club, The Hunter Sight is the app for you. With it, you can manage multiple hunting properties, marking features like stands, feeders, or any other important aspects of your properties. Then, you can share any property with other Hunter Sight users who’ll be hunting it. Once the property is shared, users with access can get an aerial view with the features you’ve marked.

LaPraim took a fully-integrated approach when building The Hunter Sight. Through one-on-one collaboration with Bryce Stone, President and founder of The Hunter Sight, this Progressive Web App is built by hunters for hunters.

The Prized Buck

The Hunter Sight empowers your spirit of adventure. Whether it’s your first step into the wilderness or you’re a seasoned hunter – The Hunter Sight was born to maximize your hunting experience.

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