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Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Visualize your geospatial data with GIS mapping to store, manage, display, and analyze assets.


Data Visualization

By creating a Geographic Information System (GIS), you can create a geohub for your company to turn any database of stored spatial locations and geographic coordinates into a visual framework – communicating data on demand.

The Hunter Sight property management.

Show physical assets on the road, aerial, or dark map views, customize visual features using geographic overlays, measuring tools to determine distance, and circular buffers to pinpoint proximity. Features can also be filtered based on a custom value or condition that cross-references with a geographic location.


Critical Asset Management

GIS allows you to map and track the spatial location of high-value assets in the petroleum, natural resources, electric and gas utility industries. Monitor changes over time for a specific property, track maintenance needs, and support geo-based decision making.

Kinder Morgan pipeline integrity assessment.

Data can be segmented and cross-referenced to create real-time interactive maps and layers that allow you to analyze immediately. Interpret relationships, patterns, and situational trends for high volumes of geographic information.


Centralize Geocoded Data

Allow greater efficiency in record-keeping by using a Geographic Information System (GIS). Automate redundant GIS processes and detailed reports needed during policy changes. Data classifications can include quantities, radius, distance from one point to another, progression, or custom information.

Christian Brothers Automotive job recruitment around the country.


Industry Application

Listing facility locations, territory building, identifying hot spots, conducting surface analysis, and spatial queries can help visualize patterns in the data by region and within a specific type of geology.

Digitize centerlines, consequence areas, special permits, and project locations allow your team to make an impactful spatial analysis. Anticipate future conditions, evaluate activity after policy, and support land surveyors and business analysts.

Our programmers are experienced in writing code using Python, SQL, C++, Visual Basic, and JavaScript. We work closely with system architects and IT departments to provide extensive layer style control and sorting options specified to any industry.

Our GIS Projects

Kinder Morgan Integra on desktop

Kinder Morgan: Integra

With this new pipeline integrity management software, the Kinder Morgan operations team can visually monitor and analyze natural gas assets. This leads to reduced risk, improves operational efficiency, and ensures compliance with strict integrity requirements.

The Hunter Sight on iphone

The Hunter Sight

Advanced mapping, land management, reporting, social, and collaboration tools create mappable satellite images of your hunting properties. Generate data charts with the click of a button to share detailed public and private boundaries, including landowner names and hunting clubs.

Christian Brothers Automotive Recruitment on desktop

Christian Brothers Automotive

Find available job openings to over 200 facilities owned and operated by franchise partners. Using artificial intelligence (AI), this Christian Brothers is able to attract, engage and convert the country’s best mechanics.

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