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Social Media Tips to Help Improve Your Brand

Jeana’e Jackson January 25, 2023

Unsure of how to make your brand shine on social media? Check out these expert tips for improving your social media strategy.

How to Make Your Social Media Strategy Shine

As social media platforms continue to grow, there is a constant demand to improve one's presence online. Although it can be challenging to figure out where to start, there are various tips to help make the authenticity of your brand shine in digital spaces. Here is a list of recommendations from social media sources that can jumpstart your social media strategy.

  1. Stay True to Who You Are

    Often, there can be a great deal of pressure behind how to portray yourself on the internet. Most people want to keep up with the overall "aesthetic" and the newest trends in "creating the perfect profile grid." Even though a nice photo grid or concise template can be beneficial, it doesn't have to be picture-perfect.

    In an article by Sprout Social, the company recommends asking yourself three questions. Is your content authentic? Does your brand reflect the main message you are trying to convey? Are you supplying your audience with what they need? These questions help determine how you want to share your brand with your internet community.

  2. Determine What Platforms to Utilize

    There are many social media platforms to choose from, but which platforms best fit your brand, and what do you want to share with your audience? For example, Although Meta owns Facebook and Instagram, the two do have select differences. Learning the best practices of the two can also be helpful.

    Whether it be videos, images, blogs, or articles, taking the time to research how to use social media platforms to their full potential will help decide what platforms to post on regularly. Read more about social media demographics to help assist with making this decision.

  3. Research Competitors

    Once you determine which profiles to utilize, taking the opportunity to research competitors can be an excellent learning opportunity. For instance, if you are a marketing company, taking the time to research companies in your area could help guide you with new opportunities—this informative blog by Hootsuite shares some tips on how to successfully analyze your competitors.

  4. Create a Mood Board

    Once you research your competitors, take the time to analyze this information and create a visual representation of your ideas. Consider deciding on color templates, fonts, and the overall design of how you want your social media assets to look. Social media apps, like Canva, can help bring your designs to life!

  5. Schedule Your Content

    You have created your designs, and now you are ready to post! The best way to plan out content is to schedule it in advance. Scheduling content in advance helps with creating consistency on your profile. It also allows you to monitor post-analytics and performance.

    For more resources on deciding which content planning tools to use, read this insight to help guide you in the right direction with your social media planning.

    Remember, you got this. Stay true to your brand, and the rest will follow!

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Insight by Jeana’e Jackson

Social Media Specialist

Jeana’e graduated Cum Laude from the University of Houston with her B.A. in journalism. Her love for social media management, content creation, and writing are significant passions that have set the foundation for her career. As a social media specialist, Jeana’e works closely with clients and team members to solidify social media calendars, events, and insights.

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