AWS Service Products

Brandon Estes January 9, 2023

AWS Service Products

LaPraim provides a comprehensive list of all the products and services on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform. Our team of experts can help you find the right solution for your business.

AWS Internet of things (IoT) Core

Connects devices to the cloud for communication between devices without need for managing a server. Allows for preferred communication protocol (including MQTT,HTTPS,MQTT over WSS, and LoRaWAN). Allows for end to end encryption and instant data filtering and transformation from devices.

AWS IoT Fleetwise

Made for Fleets of vehicles IoT Fleetwise allows for collection of data and analysis of standardized data without need for developing a custom solution. Has intelligent data collection capabilities only sending relevant data to the cloud and collects vehicle health data in near real time to quickly detect issues and take corrective action.

AWS IoT SiteWise

Collects information from industrial equipment similar to IoT Fleetwise. Helps to identify and resolve issues through remote performance monitoring. Allows for customizable data visualization to aid with optimization and allows for local data collection and processing.

AWS IoT TwinMaker

TwinMaker allows for easier creation of digital twins of real world systems such as buildings, factories and industrial equipment. Can create 3D environments that can intake real world data for high accuracy measurements and planning.

AWS IoT Greengrass

Allows for modular and prebuilt software components to be placed on devices as needed for each specific role of each device. Sends only the most important data to cloud for storage or analysis to best optimize service costs.

Alexa for Business

Allows for use of Amazon Alexa to assist employees in a work environment by allowing for intelligent assistance during work or meeting times. Alexa can be implemented into any workplace and even allows for employees to use Alexa with existing devices at home that updates with Alexa in the office.

Amazon API Gateway

This product assists developers in creating and maintaining secure APIs for their products and allows for scalability. API Gateway acts as a go between for the user interaction portions of software and the data or back-end code that runs behind the scene.

Amazon AppFlow

Automates the transfer of data between AWS services and other software as a service providers bidirectionally. Works with software such as saleforce and google analytics.

Amazon AppStream 2.0

Allows for employees to access applications and desktops from remote machines. Also allows secure access to desktops and applications from remote machines.

Amazon Athena

Takes data from multiple sources such as AWS products or on sight servers and provides data analytic tools to process the data. Scalable to petabytes worth of data.

Amazon Augmented AI

Allows for human views of AI to ensure precision of tasks.

Amazon Aurora

Creates a database compatible with mySQL and PostgreSQL that allows for secure backups and regional replication.

Amazon Braket

Allows access to quantum computing from a home computer where code uploaded into the cloud will be run on a quantum computer and the results will be sent back to the user.

Amazon Chime

Communications service that allows for video and teleconferencing between members of your team as well as direct messaging and chatrooms.

Amazon Chime SDK

Chime SDK allows developers to add communication services into applications they create such as voice video and messaging.

Amazon CloudFront

Delivers data to others in a secure encrypted format with low latency and protection from the original source and the end users. Used for sending updates or streaming information such as video.

Amazon CloudSearch

Works to allow data within your network to be easily searched and will recommend how to best organize data for customer searches. Kind of like a framework for creating a new search engine or an internal search engine system for a website or application.

Amazon CloudWatch

CloudWatch gives a big picture of what is going on with the content in your cloud. User actions and data points can be accessed and viewed in cloudwatch. Can be used across many apps at the same time, not limited to just looking at one thing at a time. Helps visualize data in real time as well.

Amazon CodeCatalyst (Preview)

CodeCatalyst is a development environment that allows for planning, creation, collaboration, and testing of code or applications for team members to work on projects together.

Amazon CodeGuru

CodeGuru is an automated service that reviews code and finds inefficiencies then points them out to the user suggesting to improve specific areas in order to save money or make a project overall more efficient. Also works to find security vulnerabilities, bugs, or other issues within a code.

Amazon Cognito

Cognito handles user login. Allows for secure login for users and can use third party login services that verify user credentials before sending a user to the companies website or allowing them to access an application. Can be used to create sign-up features as well as sign-in features and add this functionality to an existing project.

Amazon Comprehend

Comprehend is a natural language processing software that uses machine learning to look through input text and find desired statements or information. This product can also be used in document processing or customer service review to give insight on how customers are feeling about specific issues.

Amazon Connect

Customer support service that connects customers with relevant customer support professionals and also supplies employees with relevant information about the issue a customer is facing. Provides data back to the users to help optimize the solution to common problems or find better solutions to difficult and rare problems.

Amazon Corretto

A free, production ready version of the open java development kit within AWS.

Amazon DataZone (Preview)

DataZone is a service that allows for data to be shared and distributed between members of a large team while only giving access to allowed or relevant data to each individual member on a case by case basis. Basically allows access to the entire database or information across multiple applications or projects but will limit what specific information can be viewed based on permissions.

Amazon Detective

Assists security professionals in finding potential vulnerabilities or track down existing issues and find ways of fixing them.

Amazon DevOps Guru

A machine learning system that tracks data to spot increases in undesired or unexpected patterns and helps teams find and fix unexpected behavior before it becomes an issue for customers or users.

Amazon DocumentDB

A JSON compatible document database that allows for large scale storage without the need for the hardware on the customers end.

Amazon DynamoDB

A NoSQL database designed to work in the background of applications includes automatic encryption, multi-region replication and continuous backups.

Amazon EC2

Amazon elastic compute cloud allows users to create instances of virtual machines over the internet with the option of choosing the specifications including processors, ram, etc. as well as choosing the brand of processor like Intel AMD and Apple.

Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling

Allows for automatic scaling of the machines in EC2 for cases like applications running off of virtual machines that may need to be scaled up or down based on the number of users expected at any given time.

Amazon EC2 Spot Instances

Spot instances allow users to use EC2 instances when they are not currently in use by anyone else. This comes at a discount for the user but the user does not have the freedom to choose any instance they would like, they must select from the available options.

Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS)

Provides both a location to store data and a way to transfer data from a physical on site location to the amazon cloud for customers who may already have an application or data they want to migrate or may need to migrate information between cloud and physical storage.

Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR)

A secure area for a team to work on projects that have access to images. Allows for teams to test projects in a safe environment without customers or third parties having access to these pictures. Alternatively this service can be used to share images between employees that may contain sensitive information or unfinished images.

Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS)

Working closely with ECR, ECS handles the instances automatically scaling up or down as needed for the number of different instances that customers or team members need to have running.

Amazon Elastic File System (EFS)

This service automatically grows and shrinks to exactly match the amount of space needed to hold your files. When more storage is needed the system adds more storage to your account and when files are removed it shrinks the storage space so that customers only pay as much as they need to without overpaying for unused space or losing files.

Amazon Elastic Inference

Allows for scalable GPU acceleration to EC2 instances maximizing cost savings for unused power and scaling as power is needed on specific tasks.

Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)

Allows for native support of kubernetes on the AWS cloud and interaction with other AWS services while also acting as a scalable service much like other AWS services only using as much as is needed for tasks and increasing or decreasing when needed.

Amazon Elastic Transcoder

Allows for developers to transcode media files, meaning converting media from the source format to one that will play on a desired device for each user.

Amazon ElastiCache

ElastiCache is another database service that store information in real time very quickly while at the same time not putting stress on the back end databases. This acts as a fast but less permanent database of information best used for information that is not needed to be saved for long term use.

Amazon EMR

Amazon service used for data processing and analytics on open source frameworks such as Apache Spark, Apache Hive, TensorFlow, MLlib and Presto.

Amazon EventBridge

Service that allows event driven applications to be developed within the AWS system. This allows the information to be used by other AWS services and developed with help of other services as well. Best used for calendar of booking applications or any other application that might need to have events or appointments input by users.

Amazon FinSpace

FinSpace is a financial data service that aids workers in analyzing financial data and can even handle tasks independently from human interaction, saving time and money. Can handle up to petabytes of financial information at a time and analyze the data showing trends and even making notes on potential risks.

Amazon ForeCast

A forecasting and machine-learning predictive service that helps look into the future with the data it is given to aid in planning or decision making. Can be used to model and predict foot traffic or customer demand, stock requirements or any other predictive information to aid a business.

Amazon Fraud Detector

Fraud detector is a service that… well… detects fraud. Either payment or account fraud can be minimized by this service and since its in the AWS system it can be integrated into any project already in the AWS cloud.

Amazon FSx

A service that supports NetApp ONTAP,OpenZFS, Windows File Server, and Lustre file servers to integrate existing file servers into the AWS Cloud as well as offering a scalable service for workloads without needing to learn a new file service.

Amazon GameLift

GameLift offers multiplayer services to video games created with AWS, managing and hosting servers across 24 different regions. Scalable and crossplay enabled.

Amazon GuardDuty

A service that monitors AWS activity looking for any malicious activity and reports back to the user.

Amazon HeathLake

Used to store and analyze medical and health data and uses predictive machine learning to analyze trends and predict outcomes.

Amazon Honeycode

Prebuilt productivity applications that do not require any code writing. Used for internal productivity tracking or assistance. Not really meant to be sent to customers.

Amazon Inspector

Amazon inspector is a service that inspects AWS workloads looking for vulnerabilities or unintended network exposure.

Amazon Interactive Video Service

A service that allows for live streaming video apps to be developed and even supports interactive video experiences.

Amazon Kendra

A service that allows a user to search across many repositories with AWS. can be used to add search capabilities to an app for employees to find files across different projects. Uses Machine learning to best aid in finding the correct files.

Amazon Keyspaces (for Apache Cassandra)

Database and workspace compatible with Apache Cassandra. Compatible with the developer tools and existing code for Apache Cassandra as well.

Amazon Kinesis

Live data analytic service that scales to any size. Collects processes and analyzes live data in real time even from video streams using machine learning.

Amazon Lex

AI language learning software that allows chatbots to be created and deployed within applications for customer service or employee support.

Amazon Lightsail

Lightsail creates cost effective virtual private servers, containers and databases at low cost to the user at smaller scales.

Amazon Location Service

Allows developers to add location services into applications easily for apps that might require location data or geofencing etc.

Amazon Lookout for Equipment

A service that monitors industrial equipment to look for abnormalities catching problems before they happen and maximizing the uptime of all machines.

Amazon Lookout for Metrics

A service that monitors business metrics and works to catch abnormalities in business data to prevent negative trends. Uses machine learning to analyze data.

Amazon Lookout for Vision

Uses computer vision software to detect defects in manufactured products.

Amazon Macie

Sensitive data management software that analyzes data within AWS and monitors changes to permissions or changes in patterns to protect against security risks.

Amazon Managed Blockchain

Allows for the creation and management of blockchain networks on AWS for transactions and allows for scalability as the blockchain grows.

Amazon Managed Grafana

A service that manages the open source data analytic software Grafana within the AWS system. Allows for native Grafana support and data visualization.

Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus

A service that allows for Prometheus, an open source monitoring and alerting software, to run in AWS natively.

Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka (MSK)

Allows for data streams in AWS that use Apache Kafka and allows Apache Kafka to utilize other AWS services all within Amazon MSK.

Amazon Managed Workflow for Apache Airflow (MWAA)

A workflow solution that allows the Apache Airflow platform to run within AWS without the need for maintaining the infrastructure yourself.

Amazon MemoryDB for Redis

A Service that allows the native use of Redis, a database software, to store and manage data while being able to benefit from other AWS services.

Amazon Montiron

A service that works with amazon hardware installed onto existing industrial equipment monitoring and using machine learning to detect abnormal conditions to predict maintenance issues before they occur.

Amazon MQ

A service that allows messaging between different software systems to communicate and exchange information even though many different systems are written in different languages.

Amazon Neptune

Database that is specialized in storing data for graphing. Also allows for applications to be built and managed with graphing or similar visualizing solutions in mind.

Amazon Nimble Studio

A visual effects focused service that stores everything in the AWS cloud from storyboards to the final product.

Amazon Omics

A medical focused data storage and analytic service aimed to help store and analyze genes or other cellular data for medical professionals.

Amazon OpenSearch Service

Allows for use of OpenSearch, an open source data analytics platform, in AWS to help monitor and analyze business related information from data such as logs or website searches.

Amazon Personalize

A machine learning service that helps developers integrate user feedback into applications faster helping to tailor to desired audiences.

Amazon Pinpoint

Uses customer data to aid marketers and developers in targeting customers for advertisements campaigns or communications on SMS email or other notification services.

Amazon Polly

Deep learning technology that converts text to speech and supports multiple languages.

Amazon Quantum Ledger

A database of ledger recordings native to AWS that offer date and historical state of data information and offers append only data so that data cannot be altered.

Amazon QuickSight

A business intelligence service that helps analyze data and turn it into interactive dashboards to give to employees making for easier ingestion of data in easy to understand formats.

Amazon RDS

Scales and handles time consuming administrative tasks automatically for compatible databases while minimizing cost to the business by scaling operations as needed based on traffic.

Amazon Redshift

Analyses and manages structured and semistructured data using SQL within AWS and uses machine learning to best deliver price for performance when accessing data from this database.

Amazon Rekognition

AI system that reviews videos and images to analyze data normally unable to be found by other data analysis softwares.

Amazon Route 53

A scalable service that routes internet travel to AWS applications efficiently. Can either route to cloud based applications or onsite servers where applications are held.

Amazon S3 Glacier

Cold storage for data with 11 nines of precision for data. Stores data in the most cost effective way possible and minimizes any data lost during storage.

Amazon SageMaker

A service that provides a workspace for machine learning programs to be developed and deployed into other AWS services allowing for any use case to be developed for any business.

Amazon Sagemaker Ground Truth

Allows for the creation of datasets for machine learning to be trained on.

Amazon Security Lake (Preview)

Provides analysis on security reports and provides one easy environment to normalize and combine security data from multiple sources. Helps to protect data on large scales.

Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)

Cloud based bulk email sending service that can be used for transactional or marketing emails alike. Also returns statistics on emails for insight on how to better utilize email campaigns.

Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS)

A mass messaging service that allows for mass text messaging to customers or push notifications.

Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS)

Allows for messaging between different softwares but stays independent from each software so that if an error occurs or a crash happens the message is not lost and can be accessed by other software.

Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)

A robust and scalable storage solution for data of any size. Organizable and able to handle many different types of data. Also offers cost effective optimization and native security.

Amazon Textract

Uses machine learning to analyze and convert handwritten text into typed text from documents or other input sources.

Amazon Timestream

Intakes event data or streams of time sensitive data and moves it into recent memory for fast access then when the data is no longer as relevant it will be automatically moved into a more optimized long term storage for a slower but more cost effective storage option.

Amazon Transcribe

Software that converts speech into text using machine learning.

Amazon Translate

Translates foreign languages into the users preferred language.

Amazon Verified Permissions (Preview)

A permission management service that allows users to monitor, give or revoke permissions to users as needed.

Amazon VPC

Allows users to set up a VPN for work purposes within the AWS cloud.

Amazon WorkDocs

File sharing and storage service that allows users to send and receive workplace files through the AWS cloud for collaboration.

Amazon WorkMail

A business email and calendar service that can be integrated with microsoft outlook or other ios and android email applications.

Amazon WorkSpaces

An AWS service that allows employees to remotely access computers from anywhere in the world so employees can work from anywhere.

Apache MXNet on AWS

A deep learning service that works with the Gluon interface to build environments for machine learning.

AWS Application Migration Service (MGN)

A service that aids in the migration of existing applications to the AWS cloud.

AWS Amplify

A tool to help create back end systems for front end developers so that complete applications can be developed easily by anyone.

AWS App Mesh

Allows for communication between applications and across multiple types of compute infrastructure without needing developers to worry about networking and how different programs interact with the network.

AWS App Runner

A service that builds and manages the networking infrastructure so that developers can spend more time working on projects and not building out networking infrastructure or scaling existing infrastructure.

AWS App2Container

A command line tool that modernizes and migrates java and .NET applications into container formats for use in the AWS cloud.

AWS Application Composer (Preview)

Assists and accelerates the building of serverless applications.

AWS Application discovery Service

A service that helps plan a migration from an onsite location into the AWS cloud by gathering data about what is stored onsite and what needs to be moved into the cloud.

AWS AppSync

A data management service that provides only the specific data to apps that they need from any of the AWS sources but does not give unnecessary data keeping data more secure in the process.

AWS Artifact

Aids in making sure compliance is met in all work by allowing for access to compliance documents and information as well as accessing compliance and security reports.

AWS Audit Manager

Collects and manages evidence from audits in AWS to allow for insights on how services are being used. Also can be used for auditing other aspects of projects in AWS.

AWS Auto Scaling

Auto scaling allows apps running on the AWS cloud to be scaled for maximum cost savings without sacrificing performance on the users end.

AWS Backup

A backup service within AWS that scales to the users needs.

AWS Batch

Allows for hundreds or thousands of batch computing or machine learning instances to process simultaneously while optimizing performance and cost.

AWS Budgets

A budgeting solution for users where business budgets can be created and managed within AWS.

AWS Certificate Manager

Automates the process of managing SSL/TLS certificates eliminating the need for manually purchasing and uploading certificates.

AWS Chatbot

Assists in AWS troubleshooting or operates AWS services from input within chat channels aiding teams in the process.

AWS Clean Rooms (Preview)

Creates instances for multiple parties to work and share information without giving away underlying data for collaboration while keeping sensitive information private.

AWS Cloud Control API

AWS created APIs that make it easy for developers to interact with third party apps and still have the understanding and ability to work with third party apps and have seamless interactions between them.

AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK)

Allows for developers to create cloud infrastructure for their apps will live in written in programming languages familiar to the developers if the options provided by AWS are not what the users want to use.

AWS Cloud Map

Allows for resources from applications to be stored in the cloud and accessed with custom names for each resource. Resource locations are also updated in real time for access at any point.

AWS Cloud9

A development environment accessible completely within a browser. Allows for code to be written, edited and debugged from a browser and is able to be used in other AWS services once complete.

AWS CloudFormation

Uses infrastructure as code to create and maintain or test cloud environments. Compatible with third party resources as well as AWS resources.


Allows for access of virtual instances or information by verifying hardware keys for security and industry compliance on data security.

AWS CloudShell

Allows code to be run from a browser using the AWS command line interface from anywhere.

AWS CloudTrail

Monitors infrastructure activity and gives insights into trends as well as provides a big picture into cloud infrastructure.

AWS CodeArtifact

Stores artifacts for your projects in the cloud for access when needed also supports package managers and build tools like Maven, Gradle, npm, Yarn, and many others

AWS CodeBuild

AWS compiler and testing service for creating software packages.

AWS CodeCommit

A tool for hosting, managing and scaling a private Git repository within AWS.

AWS CodeDeploy

A service that automatically deploys code to multiple different AWS services or servers at the same time and seeks to eliminate manual errors from tedious deployments.

AWS CodePipeline

A pipeline service used to streamline updates to software by providing an overview of each step in the process.

AWS CodeStar

A software project dashboard aimed to make individual contributions more visible and show how a project is developing.

AWS Command Line Interface (CLI)

A command line interface that can interact with and control all various parts of the AWS family of services. Can also be used to control data or give server commands.

AWS Compute Optimizer

A software that aims to optimize 4 AWS services for the customer, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud instances, Amazon Elastic Block Store volumes, Amazon Elastic Container Service services on AWS Fargate, and AWS Lambda functions.

AWS Config

Audits and assesses resources within AWS looking to optimize performance and minimize changes in resources needed.

AWS Control Tower

An AWS service manager that can be configured to automatically allow and refuse data requests, scaling requests, or access to specific services based on the credentials of the user asking. Works best with larger operations.

AWS Copilot

Another Command line interface service from AWS but unlike AWS CLI, Copilot is aimed at container applications and managing or deploying new and existing containerized applications

AWS Cost and Usage Report

Reports generated within AWS that give insight to the cost of the AWS services you already have as well as compare those services with the amount of each service being used. This is to help businesses make decisions about what tiers of services they need or which services they may want to add or remove based on their specific needs at the time.

AWS Cost Explorer

Unlike AWS cost and usage reports, Cost Explorer looks at the trends of what AWS services your business has used over time as well as the costs associated. This gives a long term perspective as opposed to an immediate snapshot.

AWS Data Exchange

A hub where companies with data sets can easily share data sets with subscribers who want to use this data for research or machine learning purposes. This service seeks to make the exchange of data sets not only easier to distribute and receive but also allows for wider audiences of researchers and businesses to find data sets they otherwise would not be able to find.

AWS Data Pipeline

Allows users to move data between AWS services, storage locations or even onsite servers at scale in an efficient manner. Can handle complex data processing to free up infrastructure for other tasks instead of processing large volumes of data.

AWS Database Migration Service (DMS)

Allows for migration and replication of entire databases securely and without any data loss between AWS services or to and from over 20 different database and analytics engines.

AWS DataSync

DataSync works to move data between different storage services and onsite systems to ensure data sets are complete for anyone to access with your business. This service keeps projects up to date and accessible even when multiple users are working in different AWS services or keeping data saved in different servers or locations.

AWS Deep Learning AMIs (DLAMI)

Provides a preconfigured environment for deep learning applications that is secure and scalable; also provides tools and dependencies to accelerate deep learning in the cloud.

AWS Deep Learning Containers

Similar to Deep Learning AMIs, this service allows users to create their own deep learning environments instead of using the preconfigured environments AWS offers in DLAMI

AWS DeepLens

A machine learning camera created by Amazon that allows developers to get hands on with hardware that has machine learning built in. This camera can be used to take photos and videos and use computer vision to be trained in countless tasks or roles to assist businesses.

AWS DeepRacer

A 1/18th scale race car that uses reinforcement learning to navigate a race track. Can even be used to compete against other DeepRacers around the world in Amazon’s autonomous racing league.

AWS Device Farm

A service that allows its users to test web and mobile applications across many different real mobile devices and desktop browsers to ensure product quality remains at peak levels regardless of device. This eliminates the need for testing infrastructure from the business saving money.

AWS Direct Connect

A service that allows businesses to directly connect to AWS services. This keeps traffic off the public internet eliminating bottlenecks and ensuring the shortest possible travel from your workstation to your resources in the AWS cloud.

AWS Directory Service

Allows for use of Microsoft Active Directory in AWS and is compatible with other services in the AWS ecosystem.

AWS Distro for OpenTelementry

Allows for use of the open source software OpenTelemetry within AWS and it collects metadata from your AWS services to reduce the time it takes to find solutions to problems that may occur.

AWS Elastic Beanstalk

Deploys and scales web applications automatically as well as monitors application health.

AWS Elemental Appliances & Software

Both software and hardware options for video processing and encoding for companies that need video to stay onsite for any reason.

AWS Elemental MediaConnect

Transports live video feed from onsite locations to desired destinations, even supporting multiple locations at once.

AWS Elemental MediaConvert

File based video transcoding service that supports live video broadcasting to multiple screens at scale

AWS Elemental MediaLive

A video processing service that allows for live broadcasting to multiple destinations and also supports multiple inputs and regional variations. Best for larger broadcasting projects where different inputs and outputs need to be processed simultaneously

AWS Elemental MediaPackage

A service focused on packaging and distributing video media and formatting outputs at scale into multiple streaming formats.

AWS Elemental MediaStore

A service for storing and delivering video assets and live streams or media in one place with low latency.

AWS Elemental Media Tailor

A service that automatically inserts personalized ads into existing video content to allow for content monetization without need for the work to manually be done.

AWS Fargate

A serverless pay as you go compute engine. Removing the need for server upkeep and scaling.

AWS Fault Injection Simulator

A service for managing fault injection experiments for improved application performance.

AWS Firewall Manager

Used for managing the firewall across all AWS services. Access to firewall settings from any device acting as a central hub for all things firewall.

AWS Global Accelerator

Allows for Global networking without the fear of security risks or performance issues by creating two global static IPs that all traffic uses to access applications in your AWS ecosystem.

AWS Glue

A data preparation service that takes input data from multiple different sources and formats the data into one output for use in machine learning or data analysis.

AWS Ground Station

A service for managing satellite data and communications without the need for ground station infrastructure.

AWS Identity and Access Management

A service that manages who can access what data and resources within the AWS cloud all in one place affecting all other AWS services for each individual user.

AWS Inferentia

High performance deep learning inference application accelerator aimed at speeding up throughput and lower latency.

AWS IoT 1-Click

Programmable devices used in conjunction with AWS Lambda to automate tasks like reordering or creating reports.

AWS IoT Analytics

Analytics software specifically tailored to the IoT family of AWS services. Helps eliminate sources of noise to best reflect data as accurately as possible.

AWS IoT Button

Physical programmable buttons that can be used for anything imaginable when used with AWS services like 1-click and Lambda.

AWS IoT Device Defender

A software system designed to manage risks and monitor interconnected devices that use the AWS services to send and receive data.

AWS IoT Device Management

Software to help manage and register IoT devices across your business. Integrated with device defender to help monitor device security.

AWS IoT EduKit

A training kit designed to teach users how to use and create IoT devices as well as provide hands on experience with hardware and example code.

AWS IoT Events

Software that monitors the physical surroundings of equipment and the changes in operation to warn users about failures and starts necessary actions

AWS IoT RoboRunner

Build and manage applications for robotic fleets.

AWS Key Management Service (KMS)

Cryptographic key creation and control software that allows for data to be encrypted and decrypted or for secure sign-ins to be verified while giving complete control of the keys to the user.

AWS Lake Formation

Creates data lakes for secure access and processing of data within those lakes. Allows for easy sharing of massive sets of data by giving access to individual lakes and allows for data to be pulled from lakes into smaller sets for analysis.

AWS Lambda

Lambda allows for code to be uploaded and run for applications without need for servers or dedicated infrastructure as this code will be executed within the AWS cloud and is scalable to the needs of each application.

AWS Launch Wizard

Guides users in creating the proper size, configuration, and deployment of AWS resources for third party applications.

AWS License Manager

A tool to make it easier to manage licenses from vendors such as Microsoft, Oracle and IBM.

AWS Local Zones

A service that moves AWS resources you have stored to specific locations geographically closer to a desired area for single digit millisecond latency. Used primarily in industries that require extreme speeds such as gaming of credit card transactions.

AWS Mainframe Modernization

A service used for migrating, modernizing and running mainframe applications in AWS.

AWS Managed Services

A service to help users adopt AWS into their business and works to help ensure AWS is being used efficiently. Provides risk detection and proactive action to reduce risk and notify the user before issues arise.

AWS Management Console

One place to manage all AWS services in a single console.

AWS Management Console Mobile Application

A mobile app version of the management console.

AWS Migration Hub

Collects server and application data for migration to AWS for existing applications. Assesses and plans migrations for efficiency and can even assist in application modernization after migration is complete.

AWS Network Firewall

A more targeted firewall service that specifically looks at network traffic and filters all incoming traffic. Works in conjunction with firewall manager and can be controlled from either AWS service.

AWS OpsWorks

Lets users use chef and puppet to automate how servers are configured across EC2 instances of on site computer environments.

AWS Organizations

A tool that allows users to create new accounts and group accounts together for specific projects. Able to give access to individual AWS services based on the account or the group accounts belong to.

AWS Outposts

Allows for AWS infrastructure to be ran on existing hardware onsite. Effectively making the existing servers and hardware into AWS systems for your own use.

AWS Panorama

A hardware device that is used with existing camera systems to give the cameras access to computer vision.

AWS Partner Device Catalog

A catalog of devices that are approved or partnered with AWS to be used in IoT networks.

AWS Personal Health Dashboard

A tool that visualizes the heath of each of the AWS services you use for business and gives notifications about possible issues when it is deemed that one service is in need of upgrade or some other change.

AWS Private 5G

A 5G cellular network for deployment and operation of your own private mobile network.

AWS PrivateLink

A secure connection to a virtual private cloud in AWS that does not expose traffic to the public internet.

AWS Proton

A workflow tool that manages update deployments to ensure smoother code deployments and less issues between platform teams and DevOps

AWS Resilience Hub

Tracks the resilience of your application and provides suggestions on how to improve an application's resiliency.

AWS Resource Access Manager

Allows for management of multiple accounts within your AWS system to have access to specific resources within your cloud or to revoke access depending on the account or organization requesting those resources.

AWS RoboMaker

Allows for developers to create and test code for a robotic fleet without needing to have any robots at all. Simulates code for testing without physical testing being necessary.

AWS Secrets Manager

A digital vault for storing important secret information or data separate from other applications or AWS services for increased levels of protection.

AWS Security Hub

An even larger scale hub for all security within AWS managing all other AWS security services including firewalls, AWS Systems Manager, AWS Health and more.

AWS Serverless Application Repository

An area in AWS to upload or create an application within that does not require a dedicated server to run and use the application. This reduces redundant work having to copy and transfer applications to a server.

AWS Service Catalog

A tool that allows the user to create a catalog of resources within AWS and share, organize and govern requirements for usage of resources.

AWS Shield

Provides DDoS attack protection to your applications.

AWS SimSpace Weaver

Creates multiple instances of Amazon EC2 to run simulations of scalable complexity and expansiveness.

AWS Single Sign-On (SSO) or AWS IAM Identity Center

An identity management tool that helps verify and securely connect users across AWS accounts and organizations.

AWS Snow Family

Physical storage devices to move up to petabytes of data offline and provides features like encryption, tracking, tamper-evident and anti-tamper devices, as well as many others.

AWS Step Functions

A workflow tool designed to help developers use AWS services and map out automated processes. Assisting developers in visualizing individual steps to get to the end result.

AWS Storage Gateway

Provides resources stored onsite with access to AWS services and storage. Encrypts any data leaving onsite locations before sending to servers housing other data or AWS services.

AWS Supply Chain (Preview)

An AWS supply chain software solution aimed at unifying and organizing supply chains within AWS and give access to data that can aid in improving efficiency.

AWS Systems Manager

A centralized hub for all resources in AWS across different organizations and groups to help visualize big picture ideas and take action of trends

AWS Tools and SDKs

Tools and development kits to help educate users on many different areas of AWS.

AWS Transfer Family

File transfer manager for business to business use in a scalable form factor within AWS.

AWS Transit Gateway

Acts as a connection for VPCs and onsite networks through a managed central hub.

AWS Trusted Advisor

A service that recommends best practices within AWS and checks on existing resources for possible optimizations for security, performance, or cost reduction.

AWS Verified Access (Preview)

Aims to eliminate the need for a VPN by validating each application request before granting access and simplifies remote connectivity.


Allows for a VPN to be set up and used by a business within AWS.


Protects applications from web exploits that can impact business or compromise security.

AWS Wavelength

A service used for developing 5G applications such as AR/VR and machine learning apps that require mobile connections and ultra low latency.

AWS Well-Architected Tool

A tool that helps review the architecture of your application and makes notes of how to improve on or optimize existing architecture.

AWS Wickr

End-to-end encryption service for messages, calls and files.


A service that helps visualize and debug issues for existing applications. Has built in analytics to help find the root problems.

AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery (DRS)

Scalable recovery service that supports point in time recovery and aims to minimize downtime and data loss.

Elastic Load Balancing (ELB)

A service that automatically distributes traffic to balance loads across multiple targets.


An open source real-time operating system for devices that are resource constrained.

Migration Evaluator

A tool used for estimating the steps and impact migrating to AWS would cause for a business helping create plans of action for smooth transitions.

Pytorch on AWS

Allows for the use and acceleration of pytorch, an open source machine learning framework. Supports deployment of pytorch models as well.

Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS

Integrates OpenShift into AWS for use in application development.

Reserved Instance (RI) Reporting

Tracks and helps visualize the usage of reserved instances and allows comparisons to other price saving options.

Savings Plans

A price saving model that reduces costs in exchange for one or three year commitments to AWS services.

TensorFlow on AWS

Provides support for TensorFlow in AWS for machine learning models to be uploaded and worked on within AWS.

VMware Cloud on AWS

Allows for the use of VMware software and workloads natively on AWS.

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Resource by Brandon Estes

Data Analyst

Brandon is a Data Analyst passionate about understanding how data and trends can impact business, as well as how to best leverage situations to generate untapped growth. His background in mathematics and programming allow him to find new insights and methods of interpreting data for customers.

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