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Top 10 Job Recruitment Platforms

May 23, 2022

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Looking for the best job recruitment platforms? Look no further! We've compiled a list of the top 10 job recruitment platforms to help you find the perfect fit.

Top 10 Job Recruitment Platforms

In order to have a successful business, finding the right people for your team is as important as the service you are offering. That is why our clients often come to us needing to incorporate a job recruiting platform into their website.

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A CRM recruiting platform is the engine behind a beautiful and well optimized recruiting page or site. It is used to build up a network of prospects that are stored in a searchable database, send automated recruiting emails, conduct background checks, measure the effectiveness of a company’s recruitment strategies and so much more. Although the CRM is incredibly important, building a site that is well designed for optimal user experience is just as important. To put it simply, there’s more to a car than just a powerful engine.

Below are ten of our favorite job recruiting CRM platforms that we recommend to our clients.

Top 10 Job Recruitment Platforms

  1. SmartRecruiters

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    ‘You are who you hire’ is SmartRecruiters’ motto and it couldn’t be more true. The platform ensures that each new hire is an accurate representation of your company culture. They do this by organizing qualified prospects around specific hiring needs, skills or shared characteristics. Their CRM product, ‘SmartCRM’ is simple to integrate for our developers and easy to use for our clients. For the quality of performance and the price, it makes sense why the platform grew in popularity so quickly.

  2. ZipRecruiter

    Screenshot of ZipRecruiter website homepage

    ZipRecruiter aims to make hiring smarter and faster. With screening options available to vet qualified candidates, this platform is a great option for large businesses who tend to get more applications then they can handle. ZipRecruiter also has a mobile-friendly interface and premium customer support so you can hire anytime, anywhere and with no interuptions.

  3. BambooHR

    Screenshot of BambooHR website homepage

    BambooHR is a perfect CRM for small to medium sized businesses. What’s great about this platform is that it's an all encompassing human resources solution. Not only can you use this software to hire new employees you can also use it for your onboarding, payroll and data collecting needs. BambooHR strives to increase employee satisfaction through their performance management capabilities so you aren’t just hiring new employees, you are retaining existing ones.

  4. Workable

    Screenshot of Workable website homepage

    Workable is another great recruitment tool. With one click, a single job post will scale over 200 sites allowing candidates to find your job posting easily. Their platform integrates AI technology and automation to make hiring simple and easy. Scheduling interviews can be done entirely through Workable’s automated system which means less work for you.

  5. Indeed

    Screenshot of Indeed website homepage

    ‘Indeed has become the catalyst for putting the world to work’. Their platform is made for companies and job seekers alike. It has easy to use features that help make reviewing applications, managing candidates and scheduling interviews simple. Indeed also makes finding candidates easy through their target search functionality that has fields like title, skills, education, and experience.

  6. Jobvite

    Screenshot of Jobvite website homepage

    The Jobvite Platform strives to increase the speed, quality, and cost-effectiveness of talent seeking with their ever evolving technology. Jobvite’s integrated Applicant Tracking System (ATS) makes communicating with potential hirees easy and organized. With so many potential candidates, staying on top of communication is important to ensure that the perfect candidate doesn’t slip through the cracks. This is where Jobvite comes in.

  7. Recruiterbox

    Screenshot of Recruiterbox website homepage

    Sometimes hiring the perfect person is not a one man job. Recruiterbox makes collaboration easy by allowing you to invite your colleagues to work on recruitment projects together. You can assign different people different responsibilities within each of the hiring stages and collect and share feedback too. The platform allows for employee tracking, sending offers and screening employees, much of which can be automated!

  8. Zoho Recruit

    Screenshot of Zoho Recruit website homepage

    Zoho Recruit has recruitment solutions for staffing agencies and in-house recruiters alike. It is an applicant tracking system that strives to customize as well as automate the hiring experience so that the recruitment process can be easy yet personalized. Like other platforms Zoho Recruit allows you to pre screen your candidates, publish to job boards and track the interview process in one convenient location.

  9. JazzHR

    Screenshot of JazzHR website homepage

    For any small to medium sized business looking for a recruiting solution, JazzHR may be what you are looking for. It’s an affordable and automated platform that streamlines the recruitment process without overcomplicating things. It’s bare bones approach means that you will have access to what makes recruitment softwares so great without the fluff.

  10. Breezy HR

    Screenshot of Breezy HR website homepage

    Breezy HR strives to modernize your recruitment process. The platform is easy to use and has many of the great features of other recruitment platforms. These include candidate management, reporting & analytics, team collaboration, a career portal and so much more.

At LaPraim we have the capabilities to work within any of these recruitment platforms to take your company to the next level through digital marketing. Learn more about what we can do for you here.

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