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Top 10 Virtual Event Platforms

Mali Gorovoy May 31, 2022

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These platforms strive to take the stress out of virtual event planning through a variety of tools that can assist in the planning, promotion, and execution of online events. Here are our top 10 virtual event platforms.

We explore the top ten platforms in the industry.

We live in a digital world with much of what we do nowadays supported by technology. Many companies have embraced this by digitizing aspects of their business. As such, virtual events have gained considerable popularity. The goal for these events is to give their attendees the same value of in-person events but through a digital experience instead. Achieving this isn’t easy. That’s where virtual event platforms come in. These platforms strive to take the stress out of virtual event planning through a variety of tools that can assist in the planning, promotion, and execution of online events.

Below are our top 10 virtual event platforms.

Top 10 Virtual Event Platforms

  1. Hopin

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    Hopin is one of our favorite virtual events solutions because it is suitable for large and small events making it incredibly versatile. This platform understands that every event is incredibly unique and gives its users tons of customizable options. Each Hopin event consists of a Reception, Stage, Sessions, Networking, and Expo area that delivers an immersive experience for attendees, sponsors, speakers, and vendors alike.

  2. Whova

    Screenshot of Whova website homepage

    Whova is a great option for those who want to build events on the go. Their award winning event planning application makes it easy to monitor events from anywhere which makes Whova a very convenient option. Alongside their application, the software also offers inexpensive event registration and event marketing tools.

  3. Hubilo

    Screenshot of Hubilo website homepage

    Engagement is at the heart of every Hubilo event. Their engagement cloud is the largest in the industry and has tons of virtual gamification and engagement opportunities for their event attendees. They strive to make virtual events as fun and immersive as possible.

  4. VFairs

    Screenshot of Workable website homepage

    Workable is another great recruitment tool. With one click, a single job post will scale over 200 sites allowing candidates to find your job posting easily. Their platform integrates AI technology and automation to make hiring simple and easy. Scheduling interviews can be done entirely through Workable’s automated system which means less work for you.

  5. HeySummit

    Screenshot of HeySummit website homepage

    HeySummit is a quick and easy way to create engaging and immersive events. Their solution hopes to remedy the technical issues that sometimes come up when people are setting up virtual events by simplifying and streamlining the process. For a beginner, HeySummit is a great way to get started with hosting virtual events.

  6. Airmeet

    Screenshot of Airmeet website homepage

    Airmeet focuses on building events that drive genuine connections between its attendees. Virtual events tend to lack the social aspect of an in person event, but Airmeet hopes to change that with tons of interactive experiences. Airmeet’s events have many opportunities for networking and their entire platform is designed to initiate conversations between guests.

  7. Socio

    Screenshot of Socio website homepage

    Socio’s simplified and organized approach to virtual event planning makes for ease of use. The platform takes care of its event from beginning to end. From the initial event registration to the post-event survey, every aspect of the event is accounted for with Socio.

  8. Eventmobi

    Screenshot of Eventmobi website homepage

    Eventmobi not only manages your virtual event, but it also takes care of the marketing side of it. The social media dashboard tool makes it easy and simple to share the event with others. Along with the marketing capabilities, Eventmobi can create event pages, customizable registration forms, grant or refuse access based on ticket type and manage payment all from one convenient platform.

  9. Bizzabo

    Screenshot of Bizzabo website homepage

    Bizzabo tackles all aspects of your virtual event. From planning and promotion to engagement and even measuring and optimizing insights. Bizzabo gives its users everything they need to create a beautiful and engaging event and make the next one even better.

  10. InEvent

    Screenshot of InEvent website homepage

    InEvent is a great solution for enterprises. This platform focuses on creating professional and engaging virtual events for its users. This platform can be customized for any event you are hosting whether it’s in marketing, sales or customer experiences. For enterprises who host tons of different types of events, InEvent’s flexibility makes it a popular choice.

At LaPraim we have the capabilities to work within any of these virtual event platforms to take your company to the next level through digital marketing. Learn more about what we can do for you here.

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