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What Criteria are Used by Google to Rank Reviews Most Relevant?

Nathan Maas October 20, 2022

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Wondering how Google decides which reviews show up first in search results? Here's a breakdown of the factors that determine "most relevant."

Google does not show reviews based on chronological order but by “Most Relevant.” This is called dynamic review, as it is based on specific criteria. So, what criteria are used by Google to decide if a review is more relevant?

Top Factors


Word count significantly impacts how relevant Google considers the review. Generally, the longer the review, the more relevant.


When a customer uses the business’s name in the review, it can increase the relevancy of the review.


Customers who tell their story or example with the product or service rank higher for relevancy than generic text.


Customers who have done reviews in the local area in the past are more relevant than customers with no review history or customers who reside in a different location than the business.


The more time that goes by, the less relevant the review.

Top Nonfactors


Unless the review becomes viral, the likes it receives will not impact the relevancy.

Responses from Owners

Even though it is considered good business, owners responding to reviews do not impact the relevancy of reviews.

Negative Reviews

Google does not rank negative reviews higher than positive reviews. They both rank on the criteria listed above.

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Insight by Nathan Maas

Account Manager

Nathan is a digital marketer passionate about how storytelling, targeted messaging, and implementing technology create business-changing content. As an Account Manager, he is responsible for assisting with communication to help his clients increase brand awareness, generate leads, and acquire new customers.

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