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Top Content Planning Tools For Social Media Management

Jeana’e Jackson November 8, 2022

Editorial planning tool

Learn about the top content planning tools for social media management created by brands and marketers alike. Discover different types of editorial calendars that can help you plan your own calendar with ease.

Top Content Planning Tools For Social Media Management

As social media platforms continue to be a driving force within our society, users have the ability to be a part of a community that celebrates content creation online. While creating content online in a timely manner, it can be difficult to navigate multiple social media accounts at once. Thankfully, there are platforms that allow users to easily plan their social media calendars in an organized manner. Here are five content planning tools that can better assist users with social media planning online.

  1. Canva


    Canva grants users the ability to schedule multiple posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. As their website mentions, scheduling posts are avaible to Canva Pro users, Canva for teams, businesses, and organizations. Whether it be for a nonprofit or personal, there is a medium for everyone. Canva also has an array of design templates to choose from so users can schedule and design their content on the same platform. This can be a great way to organize planning while scheduling content at the same time.

  2. Google Drive


    Google Drive has various planning tools that users can access their social media content in one platform. Google Calendar allows users to color coordinate their content while also sharing their work with employees. Google Sheets can work for users who want to monitor and share social media data in real time. Google Docs can also be a great tool for easily communicating, without email. Users can leave notes on the document and the team will have the ability to stay up to date on planning.

  3. Hootsuite


    Hootsuite focuses on social media marketing, social commerce, and social customer care. The main goal being a “one stop shop” for all. Although this platform is subscription based, new users can access the platform for a month, before selecting a social media plan. This is convenient for social media users who are still figuring out “which social media planner” is the best. Hootsuite also has many educational tools which allows users to complete social media certifications on their website.

  4. HubSpot


    HubSpot has a downloadable template that users can use for Excel. Users can publish directly on their social media accounts while monitoring ongoing posts. In the “Content Repository Tab,” account managers can easily manage their content from old to new content. On the “Monthly Planning Calendar Tab,” users can see what their content will look like for weeks or even a month at a time. Make sure to visit their website to see which template works best for you!

  5. Loomly


    Last, but not least is Loomly. Loomly is another subscription-based planning tool, but users can have free access for the first 15 days. After the free trial, content creators have the chance to purchase the right plan to monitor their content. Loomly prides itself on “simpler scheduling”, “built in inspiration,” and “smoother communication”. Loomly allows users to view their content in a list or calendar view. Simple can sometimes be better!

Start planning your content creation today by trying out these platforms to see which ones work best for you, happy planning!

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Insight by Jeana’e Jackson

Social Media Specialist

Jeana’e graduated Cum Laude from the University of Houston with her B.A. in journalism. Her love for social media management, content creation, and writing are significant passions that have set the foundation for her career. As a social media specialist, Jeana’e works closely with clients and team members to solidify social media calendars, events, and insights.

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