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Top 5 Email Tracking Services

Nathan Maas July 7, 2023

Email tracking is a method of monitoring if an email is read by the recipient. Most tracking software uses digitally time-stamped records to reveal exactly when an email is received and opened.

Is Email Tracking Legal?

Yes, email tracking only monitors whether someone opens an email or not so it is not illegal and many organizations utilize this within their sales department to gain insight on leads.

Important Metrics to Consider:

  1. Improve your team’s response time by 42.5% with email analysis.
  2. Following up within an hour increases your chances of success by 7 times.
  3. Most working professionals spend on average 50% of their workday on their email.
  4. You are 700% more likely to close a sale if you respond in under 60 minutes.

Email Tracking Tools Overview:

  • Right Inbox (Gmail)

    This email tracker is exclusive to Gmail. This platform is easy to use and reasonably priced making it a good starter plugin for Gmail.

    Features include:

    • Send Later - Write emails when you want and have them sent when your recipient will read them.
    • Reminders - Get reminders about important emails.
    • Private Notes - Jot down ideas without cluttering emails.
    • Signatures - Customize multiple signatures.
    • Sequences - Write follow-up emails beforehand, then have Right Inbox send them if recipients don’t open or reply to your first email.
    • Templates - Create templates to streamline follow-ups.
    • Recurring Emails - Automate the emails you send daily, weekly, and monthly.
    • Embedded GIFs - Gain the ability to create embedded GIFs you can insert with one click.
    • CRM Sync - Sync your conversations with your favorite CRM tool.
    • Smart Link Previews - Generate visual previews for the links you share in your emails, similar to on social media.
    • Email Tracking - Know when and if people open your emails and how many times they clicked.
    • Mail Merge - Contact a large number of people to help improve your cold email outreach.
    • Inbox Pause - Reclaim focus with the ability to pause the incoming email to your inbox. • Email Encryption- Keep you and your prospects safe with fully-integrate Gmail integration.

    Pricing includes 3 tiers. The first tier is free but leaves you limited to 5 emails per month. The second tier is $7.95 a month and gives you unlimited emails on most features. The third tier is $14.95 a month and gives you full access to all features and unlimited emails.

  • Yesware (Gmail & Outlook)

    This platform works with Gmail or Outlook 365 to help you track what happens after you send emails. Sales reps who use Yesware are reporting 48% higher connect rates and 2 times more meetings. In addition, data shows a 20% increase in sales with Yesware. It also gives you the ability to curate custom touchpoints.

    Features include:

    • Email Tracking - Real-time open and click notifications.
    • Multi-Channel Campaigns - Build pipeline with outbound notifications.
    • Meeting Scheduler - Schedule meeting without theback-and-forth communication.
    • Email Templates - Quickly follow up with personalized emails.
    • Reporting & Analytics - Discover the best workflows and content.
    • Integration - Integrate with tools you already use.
    • Attachment Tracking - See when recipients open your attachments.
    • Prospector - Source new business in seconds.

    Pricing includes several tiers with the first paid plan starting at $15 per month per person billed annually. As you move up in plans it is for larger companies and scales with your sales team.

  • Saleshandy (Gmail & Outlook)

    Saleshandy is an email tracking app that works with Gmail and Outlook. They enable you with cold email automation that helps you send personalized cold emails at scale with high email deliverability.

    Features include:

    • Email Sequences - Automate your cold email outreach to scale.
    • Email Deliverability Toolkit - Send your cold emails into inboxes.
    • Auto Follow-up - Maximize your reply rate with personalized follow-ups.
    • Email Tracker - Know who opened and clicked your emails.
    • Email Warm-up - Increase your deliverability in no time.
    • LinkedIn Email Finder - Find prospect’s emails through the LinkedIn database.
    • Unified Inbox - Keep your emails organized with Unified Inbox.
  • MailTracker (Gmail)

    MailTracker is a powerful email tracking tool for Gmail. Send emails and track when they are opened and how many times, they were opened so you can adapt your follow-up based on precise data.

    Features include:

    • Email tracking for Gmail - Gain the ability to track all emails or certain emails you want. You also have the ability to turn it on and off.
    • Precise email tracking - Know exactly when and how many times an email was opened.
    • Chrome notifications - Receive bell notifications exactly when someone opens your email.
    • Email alerts - Get email alerts when your email has been opened and an alert if it has not been opened in 48 hours.

    Pricing starts at $7.50 a month for their first premium plan. They offer a free plan but it only includes emails tracked and requires their branding in your signature. As you move up to the Premium Duo and Premium Multi plans they offer more account access.

  • Mailtrack (Gmail)

    Mailtrack works with Gmail and lets you know when your emails are opened. Mail track uses a pixel-based tracking system. It gives you the ability to know if the emails you are receiving are also being tracked.

    Features include:

    • Group Emails Individually Tracked - Improve engagement by individually tracking group emails.
    • Campaigns - Send 10,000 emails at once from your Gmail at optimal times.
    • Mail Merge - Gain the ability to personalize the same message to multiple people.
    • Signature Request - Send a signature request directly from Gmail.
    • Secure Document Sharing - Increase security and enjoy seamless document sharing.
    • Document Analytics - Measure engagement to improve the effectiveness of your documents.
    • Email Productivity - Gain insight through productivity metrics to set goals and change your plan accordingly.
    • Follow-up - Notifications let you know when it is time to follow up with a client.
    • Track Clicks on Links - Gain data on recipient clicks on links.
    • Custom Signatures - Gain the ability to use custom signatures to look more professional.
    • CRM - Gain insights into behaviors and preferences through a complete view of interactions in one place.
    • Delivery Certificate - Receive a certificate as proof that your email was delivered and opened.
    • Integrations - Send a copy of your tracked emails to your CRM.
    • Mobile Add-on - Gain the ability to track emails on your mobile devices.

    Pricing starts with a free plan with unlimited tracking and other features. As you move up to the Pro tier at $4.99 per month, they take the Mailtrack signature out of your emails and offer tracks on clicks. The last tier is Advanced at $9.99 per month you get all the features and more ability to scale your campaigns.

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Insight by Nathan Maas

Account Manager

Nathan is a digital marketer passionate about how storytelling, targeted messaging, and implementing technology create business-changing content. As an Account Manager, he is responsible for assisting with communication to help his clients increase brand awareness, generate leads, and acquire new customers.

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