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The Upcoming Business Revolution of AI Art

Brandon Estes December 2, 2022

The Upcoming Business Revolution of AI Art

Explore the transformative impact of AI art on the business world. From revolutionizing creativity to redefining marketing strategies, discover how AI's evolving capabilities in art creation are setting new standards for innovation and competitive advantage across industries.

The Future of Art is Artificial

The creation of new technologies has rapidly changed the world over the last several decades. Now, we find ourselves in the midst of a monumental shift brought on by the ever-expanding field of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

When most people think of AI, they might envision the personal assistant on their phone or maybe a futuristic robot. However, AI's capabilities extend far beyond. Companies like Google and Nvidia have released AI that assists users in creating art.

Background on AI Art

Canvas AI by Nvidia
Image from Nvidia’s Canvas AI

The image above, from Nvidia’s Canvas AI, showcases the transformation from a basic drawing to a stunning image of a rocky beach. This illustrates how AI is making individual limitations obsolete.

At the Colorado State Fair, a painting created by AI titled “Théâtre D’opéra Spatial," made by Jason Allen and an AI called Midjourney, won the art competition. This painting was generated from a text prompt, showcasing the power of AI in art creation.

Théâtre D’opéra Spatial
Théâtre D’opéra Spatial, by Jason Allen with Midjourney

Skills once exclusive to trained artists can now be accessed by anyone with a creative idea and the right words.

What is the Business Potential?

AI art technology is still evolving. While most AIs struggle with creating realistic human figures, they are rapidly improving. Some AIs can even replicate specific artists' styles, such as van Gogh or Dali, into original works.

Imagine a marketing team wanting to theme a campaign around renaissance paintings. With AI, creating art in any style is as simple as typing a description. This technology can save time and money, providing high-quality, instant art. It allows even small businesses to produce advertisements on par with the largest marketing teams, requiring only creative vision and an AI assistant. This is just one example of AI's potential impact on business.

Beyond marketing and graphic design, AI is exploring fields like writing and music composition. While these applications are in their infancy, they signal a future where AI-assisted creations could match today's professional standards. Businesses investing in AI now are setting the stage for a significant competitive advantage.

Animated illustration featuring the AI character Auridos, with the word Scriptstone prominently displayed. This serves as a bulletin to highlight The Upcoming Business Revolution of AI Art.

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Insight by Brandon Estes

Data Analyst

Brandon is a Data Analyst passionate about understanding how data and trends can impact business, as well as how to best leverage situations to generate untapped growth. His background in mathematics and programming allow him to find new insights and methods of interpreting data for customers.

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